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Relaxing is very important when you are in chronic pain and we are all guilty of constantly being busy it seems to be par for the cor for us all nowadays. But being busy should not be something we have to be. There is a big question about how we lead our lives now. Letting go of the idea that relaxing is shameful could help our physical well-being, help spark creativity and allow us to make better decisions in life.

Women, in particular, seem to struggle with relaxing and many seek praise for how they squeeze everything into every hour of the day. We feel and expect that we can take on multiple roles being a wife, mother, working mum and lots more. We take on too much and wonder why we run ourselves into the ground.

The key is to find a balance between doing things we have to do, and with things that nourish us and provide us with a sense of enjoyment and fun. It might be just finding time to sit on the sofa watching our favourite soap or baking some cakes, doing some artwork or just sitting quietly to read a book. The important thing is making time to do these things without feeling guilty about it. Making it part of our daily routine.

Relaxation is so very important as it helps our bodies to rejuvenate. During a state of relaxation our blood pressure, heart rate, and digestive and hormonal levels return to normal.

Try to stop always doing things for other people and do a bit more for yourself. Indulge your creative side and give yourself time to really relax with these ideas. During the lockdown, my creative side came alive with ideas to make things for my grandchildren as well as interior projects. Since life has gone back to normal it has all stopped and I really miss it so it is something I really need to practice myself.

Other ideas to help you relax could be to help charities and spend your time making things from home. Some ideas include baking for charities like my recent post The Great Rainbow Bake or just baking for your family. You could be creative and knit squares or baby blankets for different hospitals and charities or just knit something for yourself.

Finally, if you can manage a bit of meditation at the end of the day it will work wonders. There are lots of apps and websites to help you with this if you have not tried it before.

Source: Afternoon Tea4Two, Headspace, Very Well Mind

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