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Day One after the procedure was extremely comfortable and in fact, my adrenalin seemed to be on overdrive. On day two I felt as though I had gone one step back. I had a very severe low back spasm in the evening which they said can happen. It took time to settle but did eventually subside and I got some sleep.

I woke up to my usual low back pain on my left-hand side but my right side is completely pain-free. I was very nauseous but it’s not uncommon for me as I have a very delicate stomach. We had a little walk near our house as it was such a beautiful day but then I went to bed in the afternoon as I felt so rough.

On day three we took the dressing off the wound which looked fine with no redness or swelling just lots of bruising. We went for another walk in the morning and managed it without a problem.

With the weather being so hot I think most people are feeling a little lethargic so I do not want to blame it on the procedure but I had a quiet day on day three. I found it difficult to concentrate which could be from the sedation or the fact that my sleep is so disturbed.

Pain on day three was minimal and I only took some Paracetamol so I am getting excited about how the whole treatment is going. My wound site is sore but nothing exceptional.

With the weather so hot I do not think I can blame my back for my disturbed sleep but last night was the roughest in a while. Fortunately, it seems to have clouded over this afternoon which really helps. I am even more pain-free today but I have yet to go for a car ride or do my usual jobs as we decided I should just take it easy for the first few days.

At the moment I feel it’s onwards and upwards but not everyone will get a reaction like this so quickly. It can take up to two weeks to kick in for some people and it’s normal for some people to experience a tiny bit of increased pain in the first few days after radiofrequency ablation because the nerves may be irritated. But they say don’t worry, the pain will decrease with time, and it may take several days before you start feeling some pain relief.


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