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With Migraine Awareness Week on the 5th-14th of September, I thought this article on Amazines was very interesting. Of course, as stated in the article, it is not for diagnostic purposes and you should always talk with your GP first.

When most people get a headache, they rely on over-the-counter medications to help relieve them but over time, they may stop helping.  There are three common types of headaches.  A migraine usually happens with pain on one side of the head while a tension headache feels like a tight band around your head.  Seeing a chiropractor Brick NJ may be able to help you with these headaches.

The third type of headache is called cervicogenic and generally, your neck is the source of the problem.  The pain is usually in one or more areas of your face and/or head.  When you see a chiropractor for headaches, they will assess the situation, diagnose the cause of the headache, and help you manage them.  According to research, visiting a chiropractor in Brick can help to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines.

One way they can help with headaches is spine alignment.  Most headaches are caused by excess stress on your nervous system.  Letting the chiropractor do a spinal adjustment can help to improve, or in some cases, eliminate your headaches.  With a spinal adjustment, you will feel less tension and stress, and your normal body functioning is restored.

Another way a chiropractor Brick NJ can help your headaches is to eliminate neck pain.  There is a direct connection between back and neck pain.  If you have chronic back and neck pain, this can result in severe, intense migraine headaches.  When the chiropractor helps to reduce back and neck pain, it will help to lessen migraine headaches.  Although headaches can be caused by environmental factors and dietary issues, the majority are caused by tension.

The tension you might experience could be caused by your posture, ergonomics, and limited physical exercises.  In time, this can result in joint problems in your upper back and neck, causing headaches.  When you lessen or even eliminate this tension, it can have an impact on the severity or extent of your headaches.

chiropractor in Brick can do soft tissue or manual therapy.  Some will do acupuncture, electrical stimulation, or ultrasound services.  Seeing a chiropractor for headaches is a good choice because, with their treatments, there are no side effects like stomach issues that can happen if you take too many over-the-counter medications for your headaches. The treatments work to help your body self-heal naturally.

It is a non-invasive treatment option with a high success rate of lessening the frequency and intensity of your headaches, sometimes even getting rid of them completely.  It will also give you a better quality of life.  A chiropractor can help to restore movement, proper balance, and alignment of each vertebra in the spine. 


If you are continually suffering from headaches and nothing seems to help, make an appointment with your local chiropractor.  They will do an examination and provide a diagnosis.  It may take a few visits before you see the final results but generally, you should experience some relief after the first visit.  Not being plagued with consistent headaches will make you feel better and enjoy life more.

This article is not meant for Diagnostic purposes.

Source: Seeing a Chiropractor for Headaches by RICHARD CONARD on Amazines Back Pain Blog UK


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