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It’s hard enough to keep fit or even do a workout when in chronic pain and during the winter months it can literally just go out the window. We all know that walking is one of the best things we can do even if it’s only a short walk but during the cold and wet days it sometimes makes it impossible to even do this.

With that in mind, I scoured the internet to find the simplest of workouts you could do indoors without too much effort to keep you feeling fitter and your muscles in good order.

Gentle stretching is a great way for anyone to increase their flexibility and mobility. They suggest that you stretch for at least ten minutes twice per week to stay limber. If doing floor exercises is too hard on their joints, they can perform seated stretches like side bends and knee raises on a chair or stool. 

The website Prevention has 15 deep stretches to ease everyday aches and pains, with images that are easy to understand. These simple moves can be done almost anywhere with minimal equipment. If you struggle to do an on the floor then you could try doing them on your bed.

Failing that the British Heart Foundation has some easy chair exercises. Whether you’re a wheelchair user or just spend a lot of time sitting down, the right moves will let you warm up and build strength at the same time. Gradually increase the duration and frequency as you feel more comfortable.

Don’t forget that doing household chores around the house is a great way to stay active during the winter. You can burn up to 200 calories hoovering the house if you can manage it and as many as 300 calories making the bed in the morning for 30 minutes. When I read this I realised why I needed my husband to help with the hoovering and why I felt so exhausted after making our bed !!!!! Because housework is an aerobic activity that gets the heart pumping, doing it for a few hours every day can help keep you healthy.

Yoga is becoming accepted as a great workout. It can help with mobility, relaxation and reduce aches and pains, maintain muscle strength, and improves general strength and fitness. Age Space have a link to five simple poses for older beginners to try, suggested by The Chopra Centre. The NHS also has a website an-all-ability level video class of Vinyasa yoga here.

Other forms of indoor exercises include lifting light weights and performing bodyweight exercises like squats and wall push-ups which can also improve bone health, increase mobility, and even prevent cognitive decline, but I think this is something quite hard for people in chronic pain to try and if well enough should really try it under supervision in a gym environment first.

As I always say, please please speak to your Doctor first before trying any form of new exercise even the chair workouts. If they give you the all clear to give them a go then check out the links I posted on this post.

Source: Prevention The British Heart Foundation Age Space NHS



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