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There are certain items I could not live without that help ease my pain. What are yours?

Mine are the following…

1.My electric heat pad – I keep it upstairs and use it daily even throughout the summer months. The heat helps ease my muscle pain more than ice so I use it when I rest in the afternoon and when I wake in the morning and also if pain wakes me at night. My heat pad – I’ve had a number of them that I use so much they wear out but my latest one from Sweet Dreams Electric Heat Pad is therapeutic, soothing pain relief for arthritis, tension, stomach and back pain. I bought mine from Amazon which was £29.99

2. My V Pillow – I started using a v pillow after my second cervical neck surgery as I had to wear a collar for a short period and I found the v pillow was something that I could lie on and be comfortable. They don’t have to cost the earth. This one from Amazon is perfect for only £12.99 and includes a pillowcase. I cannot get off to sleep without my v cushion as I can get into a much more comfortable position with this to read before I go to sleep.

3. Invest in a Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion. I couldn’t manage to go out in my car or to work at my desk without my sciatica cushion which I have written about before. The Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion is simple to use. Safe and easy to apply regularly to give sciatica pain relief. When sciatica strikes the simplest things in life can be the hardest things to do. The Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion is a class 1 medical device designed to alleviate the pressure on the sciatic nerve while sitting to help with sciatica pain relief. The cushion provides the nerve space and time to heal. By placing the cushion on your seat every time you sit you are able to stretch your sciatic nerve whilst reducing the increased pressure the nerve experiences during sitting. This cushion is specifically designed for people who have sciatica pain symptoms that are particularly aggravated or exacerbated while sitting or seated. It is easy to use, safe and specifically designed for sciatica pain relief. From £31.50.

4. Wearing proper footwear is another essential thing for me and should be for anyone suffering from lower back pain. If I don’t wear my Joya Shoes I find the pain comes back much quicker even during my walk as ordinary soles pick up every stone and lump in the ground whereas the Joya Shoes support your ankle and it has such a deep sole you feel like your floating. Joya Shoes explain ‘supports the natural movement process and encourage active walking. Joya shoes also promote healthy posture, which provides relief to the back and joints and can also reduce and prevent back and joint pain.’ Tina II Black:

Lush and sleek lace-up sneakers. A tasty combination of full-grain leather and sparkling suede with a touch of silver. Implemented with the Joya Active sole technology that guarantees an ideal combination of cushioning, rebound and stability. For fashionable people always on the move who never compromise on comfort.

From £169.95

5. Acupressure Mat and Pillow – the Eco Yoke Acupressure Mat & Pillow from Yoke Wellness has become part of my pain relief regime. I use it most afternoons when I go for my rest and find it completely relaxing and beneficial for my pain. It leaves me feeling relaxed and comfortable. the mat is designed on the premise that ‘Self Care us Soul Care’ and is made of 100% biodegradable packaging. It has eco-friendly coconut fibre filling and the mat has 7000 ergonomic spikes for activating tension release and to help you unwind and release any body tension. You can stand on it for energising power, sit on it during relaxation or lie on it to feel a full body release. You will then soon feel the muscle tension melt away and is a great product for headaches, stiff neck, back pain, fibromyalgia and insomnia. So, a real all-rounder. It costs £27.49

6. My Kindle – Reading something nice or informative takes you away to another place for a while. You can now get free book downloads from Amazon and other sites so you do not even need to leave your house to buy a book. I cannot remember the last time I actually bought a book. There are also online Book Reading Groups. Reedsy has a list of 15 of the best Online Book Clubs you can join. Try and allocate at least half an hour of your day to just sit and read a book be it on your Kindle or other Ipad. I prefer a Kindle as its much lighter. I got mine from Amazon which was £39.99



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