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Last year instead of making some New Year Resolutions, I decided to write myself a list of things I would like to try and achieve during last year. I achieved 22 out of the 30 and enjoyed the challenge so I am doing another one this year.

I have decided 30 things to achieve is quite a high number so I have toned it down a bit for 2023 and I have listed 20 things I would like to achieve instead.

Here’s my list for 2023…

  1. Write two small storybooks for my 1-year-old granddaughter. I wrote two for my eldest granddaughter during the lockdown and even managed to sketch all the images in it, so that is a must for 2023.
  2. With another grandchild only weeks old at the moment I know if I feel inspired then I should continue and also write her two storybooks.
  3. Write my Dad’s life story for his grandchildren but it will take some time so I am not going to try and finish it by the end of 2023 but at least start it.
  4. I am seriously thinking of selling my Afternoon Tea4Two Blog so rewriting my first book about this blog is not on my list for 2023.
  5. Start on a unique range of handmade cards for next Christmas. Watch this space for some images of the ideas I have had on the theme for some handmade cards.
  6. Watch a movie outside. I didn’t manage it in 2022 so I hope to enjoy one in 2023.
  7. See another show in London as I enjoyed it so much last year when we went to see Phantom of the Opera.
  8. Write a lot more letters to old friends this year. A few of my friends have not sent Christmas cards this year which I am sure is partly due to the strikes and also the cost of post, but I would hate to lose touch with some of my oldest friends. One of which is 95 and used to babysit for me when my children were young.
  9. It’s a big birthday for me next year so I plan to celebrate it in style.
  10. Start a home study course. I keep looking at photography courses but then I change my mind and look at complementary therapy courses so I will just have to make a decision and start one.
  11. Increase my daily steps and be more active.
  12. Do something for a charity.
  13. Plan Christmas early again like I did this year so I do not end up wearing myself out just before the big day.
  14. Bake some new recipes. I love baking cakes but I tend to bake loaf cakes and need a bit of inspiration to try something unique and new.
  15. Focus more on me – some days I get overwhelmed with doing jobs for others instead of myself.
  16. Visit somewhere new in Sussex.
  17. Enjoy a walk on a sandy beach ( they are all pebble beaches here).
  18. Learn a new creative skill – I love knitting and would love to learn how to crochet.
  19. Shop locally as much as I can.
  20. Upgrade something in my life.

What are your plans for 2023?

5 thoughts on “20 THINGS I PLAN TO TRY AND ACHIEVE IN 2023…”

  1. Wow that’s a fabulous list with some great ideas on there. It’s amazing how much writing ideas down like this makes it so much more likely we will actually get round to doing them! Best of luck with it all and Happy New Year 🙂


  2. Happy New Year. I loved reading your personal list of what you hope to achieve in 2023. I feel like I know you a lot more now and have a sneak peak into your life. Also you have inspired me in many ways.


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