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After writing my list of things I would like to achieve in 2023 I was keen to get started. However, my health wouldn’t let me. I started feeling a bit off colour on New Years Eve with a loss of my voice first then I just went down hill from there.

Three days on and I am now on antibiotics and steroid tablets for a bad chest infection. It has really knocked me sideways. I’ve looked at my laptop to write a few posts but my energy has just dissappeared.

I have read and seen on the news how many are suffering from this years bout of Flu and Covid and even my GP said it could also be flu. I am just hoping it clears up soon.

I love our house all decked up with lights for Christmas but they need to be down by Thursday and just the thought of sorting them all out sounds daunting. It’s funny as I alsways think that our house looks so much bigger when we have put all the decorations and lights away. We decorated up early on the 1st of December and I don’t think I can ever remember a month flying by so quickly.

I hope none of my readers are suffering from all these germs flying around at the moment and I should soon be back to normal with posts a little bit more interesting than this one.

A Happy New Year to all my readers and take care.



  1. Aww Bar, that sucks, I’m sorry. It does seem like winter viruses, flus and infections are rife at the moment. I caught the flu in November and felt terrible, then a chest infection. Two weeks of antibiotics (but I’d already had it a little while by then), another week for it to fully clear. It really knocks you about, doesn’t it? The thing is, the to-do lists just grow and we feel we have to keep going and being productive. I made that mistake. Please don’t. Please rest, look after yourself, put off whatever can be put off until you’re a bit better.

    I am really, really hoping your clears up soon and you start feeling more like your usual self. 2023 will be better than it started for you, it has to be! 🙏💜

    Caz xx


    1. Thanks Caz, you are so right about it knocking you for six. I feel absolutely shattered. I finish my antibiotics and steroids today but still have this nasty cough which I hope will clear soon. I’m hopeless with lists they just keep getting longer….. I hope the New Year brings you better health and you can get in for your operation. You take care as well my friend.

      Bar xx

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      1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it clears up now 🤞🤞🤞 but if it doesn’t in a couple of days, it might be worth getting another week of antibiotics. xxxx


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