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According to Furniture Choice new research shows that the average Brit spends a whopping 44 days (that’s 1,060 hours) sat on the sofa each year. 

If you prefer working from your sofa, maintaining proper alignment from your neck through your hips and pelvis is essential. Well and Good writes “Make sure your buttocks are pressed firmly against the back of your couch with a small cushion, or roll up a towel and keep it pressed against your lower back. This should allow your lower back to arch back slightly and not slump forward,” he explains. This also keeps your head in line with your shoulders and spine and your hips in a neutral position.

Try and sit in a position where you can keep your eye level straight ahead and aimed at the centre of your computer screen rather than looking down at your lap. You can raise it on books or cushions. This will help to keep your spine aligned and prevent low back or neck pain.

You could also add two or three cushions behind you to support your upper back to prevent from slumping. Supporting your upper back rather than your lower will help to keep your pelvis and your spine upright and your head will also be better balanced which will then reduce pressure on the lower back.

Sit with your knees level with your hips and try to avoid crossing your legs or lounging with your feet up on the sofa.

The worst offenders are the laptops that we are using to work for eight hours or more a day. When you use a laptop without external equipment (like a keyboard or a mouse) you are much more likely to develop neck and upper back pain, Make sure you have an ergonomic key board and mouse. These can be supported on cushions if sitting on the sofa.

You could also hook your TV up as your monitor if you have the right HDMI cable.

Take regular breaks and walk around. Do a few lower back and neck exercises. You can find lots of them online.

Buy a laptop stand and if you can afford one buy a desk to put it on and invest in the right chair to sit at your desk.

Wear a posture corrector like this one from Active Posture, It activates and stimulates the muscles, it can relieve pain and tensions, improves postural awareness, has a documented effect for work, exercise and leisure.

Source: Well & Good Swyfthome Furniture Choice Active Posture


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