Medical Cannabis – Week 2

My Fibromyalgia Journey Blog

CBD remains constant at 0.2ml twice a day. THC has increased by 0.1ml every 4 days to 0.4ml after my evening meal once a day.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a bit OCD with numbers 🧐😜. That means I am monitoring my consumption very closely. Since I really struggle with my memory now, and especially round taking medication, I use an app to record when I should take any medication. The app also gives me a reminder if I don’t record having taken the medication. Another useful feature of the app is that it tells me how much medication I should have left as I enter in my starting stock.

The CBD oil is straight forward in that the amount taken daily doesn’t change. After 15 days of 0.4ml per day, I should have used 6ml of the 10ml bottle but I look like I…

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Medical Cannabis – Week 1

My Fibromyalgia Journey Blog

So I am one week in, starting Wednesday 7th July 2021.

CBD remains constant at 0.2ml twice a day and THC went from 0.1ml after my evening meal to 0.2ml once a day. As long as taken during or after food, I don’t feel sick after taking either. The CBD is so dark in colour as apposed to the THC which is more translucent yellow. They both taste yuk but nothing like the taste of the CBD I tried once before which literally was what I imagine it’s like stuffing your mouth with 20 used cigarettes 🤮

It’s only been one week so I can’t say I have noticed any change and honestly was not expecting any.

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