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Like many other people with chronic pain we have to juggle with a gambit of medication on a daily basis to keep us relatively pain free.

KnowYourMeds is a free, personalized and secure digital health assistant for managing medications, disease conditions, vitals, labs, nutrition and symptoms – all in one place. They explain that it is a…..

Personalized continuum of care driven by intelligence discovered using AI from standards of care prescribed by medical bodies and research and personalized to the user.

  • Easily organize all your health information in one secure place
  • Set pill-reminders for all your medications
  • Manage conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, Depression, Anxiety and over 100 more
  • Track your health by keeping notes of adverse-effects, labs, vitals, doctor’s appointments, lifestyle changes and share reports with your Doctor straight from the app
  • Manage the health and medications of your loved ones
  • Syncs with Apple Health

According to the company, “KnowYourMeds is a digital health app that uses the world’s largest database of suspected side/adverse effects along with AI-driven insights to inform patients and improve health outcomes through better adherence, early identification of drug interactions and early detection of potential medication errors.”

They have a long list of conditions they cover from Celiac Disease to Fibromyalgia.

I have tried a few apps similar to this before but Know Your Meds has to be the best one available at the moment.

It has some great features which include –

1.TRACK & GRAPHIC VITALS – you can track all your vitals including your temperature, blood pressure etc on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This report is then put into a graph for you to easily see and understand.

2. TRACK & EXPORT SIDE EFFECTS – I don’t know about you but I could write a story on the different side effects I have dealt with taking some medications but with this its easy to just write all you are experiencing down then the report can be printed to take straight to your GP!

3. TRACK APPOINTMENTS – They have included a tracking system in this app which will track your GP or other appointments, your lab and blood results for you. So, if you need to see your GP or someone else about your condition. It is all available on the app to look through.

4. TRACK MEDICATIONS & REMINDERS – I guess we all get a bit sick of reminders on our phones but I wish this had been around when my Dad was alive as he had so many medications to take in a day that he often forgot the lunch time ones. This would have been perfect for him. It also includes refill reminders as well as daily reminders at the time you state and how much you should take.

They do have another feature which helps you find the best price for your medication but in the UK we pay for the script so I would not make much difference for us. Other features include Drug Interactions, Profile-based adverse effects, Drug Related Warnings, Track you Health of a Loved one, and Condition Management. It also has a great FAQ page in case you are finding something a bit difficult to understand but this app has everything you need to keep on top of your health.

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KnowYourMeds is your digital health assistant that enables you to manage your health and any health-related conditions effectively. It tracks your vitals, sends you pill reminders, keeps you aware of drug interactions, including possible side-effects, and informs you about the latest information related to your drugs, chronic conditions and overall health. 

KnowYourMeds has several features that make it the perfect app for managing your health, and your family’s too! Download the free app here.

Features List:

Medication Management

Never miss a pill again, or even re-filling the prescription for one! The medication management features of this app makes sure that you are taking your meds in a timely fashion without risking any harmful interactions with food or other drugs.  

With KnowYourMeds, get the benefits of: 

  • ⏰ Pill reminders 
  • ⏰ Refill reminders 
  • ⚠️ Drug interaction warnings 
  • 💊Drug to drug interaction checker 
  • 🍚 Drug to food interaction checker  
  • 🗓️ Customizable schedule 
  • ✅ Adherence monitoring/sharing 
  • 👨👩👧👦 Family and caregiving management 
  • 📢Provider Communications

Condition management

The condition management feature provides guidance to the user to track certain health metrics appropriately for their medical condition, allows them to monitor symptoms, track side effects, medication adherence, and provides the user the ability to share their progress with their doctor. 

Stay on top of your medical condition with: 

  • 📖Condition information 
  • 🩺Vitals tracking 
  • 👨👩👧👦 Monitor dependents conditions 

Download the free app here

KnowYourMeds is a for-profit social enterprise that seeks to improve healthcare globally using AI. We have developed an intelligent [AI] Digital Health Assistant [DHA] for Providers, Self Insured Employers/Payors and Patients.

For the provider, the DHA provides diagnostic assistance to the physician to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis by guiding the patient through an exhaustive diagnostic decision tree personalized to the patient’s medical condition. Suggested diagnoses are presented to the physician along with complete inferential reasoning based on the patient’s responses. In addition, the DHA aims to lower readmissions from non-adherence to discharge instructions by monitoring/assisting in adherence of digital discharge instructions in the DHA.

For the Self-insured employer, the DHA helps optimize healthcare costs through personalized interventions/monitoring of adherence to treatment regimens, designing behavioral interventions to assist high risk groups to improve adherence, using diagnostic pathways to forecast disease progression and manage overall health care costs and health outcomes.

For patients and caregivers, the DHA provides personalized and timely information on drugs, side and adverse effects, interactions, latest research relevant to their conditions and monitoring of relevant health metrics.

The AI diagnostic models are a combination of expert knowledge curated from standards of care and diagnostic protocols from various medical bodies and knowledge learnt from an ongoing modeling of actual diagnoses by physicians compared to the suggested diagnoses by DHA. The readmission and adherence models are similar.

There is also a great blog with information on Diseases, Drugs and Digital Health.