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I was kindly sent some of the Deft Cleaning Products to try. They could not have come at a better time as I have been struggling with pins and needles in my right hand and I have been finding it painful to use spray bottles.

I was sent the Deft Advanced Kitchen Cleaner (tangerine dream) and the Deft Advanced Bathroom Cleaner (aspen breeze).

The first thing that hit me was the lovely smell of both these products. At the bottom of the bottle it says they are powered by compressed air, are non-toxic plant based with smart-botanics and are cruelty free and recyclable. A brilliant start.

These products were first seen on Dragons Den. The really clever technology enables you to spray in any direction, and at any angle until the very last drop. They are light to hold and it sprays a continuous mist with just a light squeeze of the trigger giving you great coverage and faster cleaning.

They are so easy to use and did not aggravate my fingers in any way which meant no more hand pain. I managed to get right through the house in a morning and it left a lovely aroma around the house.

They run a subscription service which enables you to try the products and join the #defter community. The price for the sprays are £5.99 for 475mls. You can subscribe to a small, medium or large subscription box. For a small subscription box you can choose 2 of any of their products –

  • Delivered whenever you’re ready
  • On average – 1 bottle lasts 4 weeks
  • Plant based, eco friendly
  • Effortless trigger
  • 100% recyclable
  • Zero global warming
  • Modify or cancel any time
  • Always free delivery

Future orders £12 + free delivery

A medium subscription is three bottles a month for £15 or a large is four bottles for £19 per month or simply buy one at a time.

Their agile, effortless range of cleaning sprays are simple and easy to use. They guarantee you’ll never experience the problems listed above with deft. Their sprays are arthritis friendly and designed to eliminate hand pain when cleaning. Their trigger is 95% easier to squeeze than a standard trigger!

Reasons why I would recommend these Deft products to anyone suffering from hand pain or arthritis are –

They are so easy to use and definitely do not hurt while using them.

The smells are lovely.

They clean everything very very well.

They are plant-based, non-toxic ingredients, powered by compressed fresh air. Cruelty free, recyclable & zero global warming.

They will last a lot longer than conventional sprays.

They have to be worth a try.

They maybe a little bit more expensive but they are worth every penny.

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According to an article on the Healio Orthopedics website, “for total disc replacement in patients with degenerative disc disease, an artificial disc is a safe option that improves pain relief, function, range of motion and decreases in opioid use, according to published results.”

According to the study, researchers randomized 283 patients with symptomatic, single-level lumbar degenerative disc disease who had failed 6 months of nonsurgical management to receive either the activL (n = 218) or the ProDisc-L (n = 65). Outcome measures included safety profile, pain reduction, function, range of motion (ROM) and opioid use.

Nice wrote ‘The medical name for this procedure is ‘Prosthetic intervertebral disc
replacement in the lumbar spine’. Prosthetic intervertebral disc replacement in the lumbar spine involves removing the damaged disc and inserting an artificial disc in its place.

The damaged disc is partially or fully removed and an artificial disc inserted. The artificial disc is designed to act like a natural disc, allowing painless movement between the bones. Depending on the number of discs affected, a person may have one or more discs replaced at different places in the spine during the same operation.

NICE has said that this procedure is safe enough and works well enough for use in the NHS. If your doctor thinks artificial disc replacement is a suitable treatment option for you, he or she should
still make sure you understand the benefits and risks before asking you to agree to it.

In a study of 236 patients, 161 were treated with artificial discs and 75 with spinal fusion. Three months after surgery, the patients who had disc replacement reported an improvement in their quality of life (measured using a questionnaire) of 87%, whereas those who had spinal fusion
experienced an improvement of 70%. However, at 24 months the difference between the groups was no longer significant.

Source: Nice and Healio Orthopedics