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I was delighted to hear that Back Pain Blog UK was chosen to go in at number 8 of the 100 Best Blogs for Disabled People and Carers by Aid Excel Support Parents/Carers of Children/Young People with Disabilities/Additional Needs.

Having people really appreciating what you write about and then being added to a best blogs list is always something all us bloggers will feel really grateful for. We write for our readers and hope our posts will help or support someone with health problems.

Aid Excel Support Parents/Carers of Children/Young People with Disabilities/Additional Needs, works is a parent led organisation staffed by volunteers who are trained to provide information and advice on a range of issues faced by families with disabled children.  These include accessing benefits, finding services and developing skills. Sometimes it can just be a matter of helping with form filling – all that jargon can be so confusing. Or it could involve putting parents in touch with one another to share their experiences. Other times it could be supporting a parent at a meeting with their child’s school.

AidExcel also work with local organizations to make sure that the needs of parents from minority groups are understood and considered when new services are planned, or when the local authority want to know what parents think. Their vision and objectives are to ensure that all children and young people with special educational needs and all disabled children have equal opportunity within their schools and community, for their needs to be met for them to be included fully in their schools and community.

If you have any spare time you can support them by telling people about them. As a volunteer led organisation they are dependent on the time, talents and money that they can attract.

They have leaflets and newsletters available, so if there is someone you know who would benefit from their services then please pass the message on.

You can also donate, share or volunteer. You can find out lots more on the AidExcel website.

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I started writing a regular ‘Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer’ in May 2019. This month I wrote on ‘ Lockdown, Spring is on its Way’. Check it out on The BAD BACK COMPANY website here.