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With months of being mainly at home during the summer I have walked more in the countryside than ever before. It made me look at wild flowers and hedgerows in a completely different light.

I am sure most of us will not know that Britain’s hedgerows may have remedies for all sorts of health conditions, tinctures, beauty and even household uses. So, I headed to Amazon and purchased some books on the subject. There are quite a number of them but I think the ones I write about here are well worth investing in. They are all by the same authors who seem to be a specialist in this field.Just remember if it is something that you take then first check with your GP in case it might interact with any medication you are on.

Kitchen Medicine by Julie Bruton-Seal & Matthew Seal £12.75

They say our kitchen shelves are full of remedies for all sorts of illnesses and accidents. In fact most domestic accidents occur in the kitchen. But if the home has hidden dangers, it also contains many handy but often overlooked ingredients for treating household emergencies and common ailments, from bee stings and cuts to sore throats and chilblains.

The products for these remedies include herbs and spices, fruit and vegetables, oils and vinegars, and many other familiar items.

In Kitchen Medicine the authors of the successful Hedgerow Medicine now move indoors to describe the wealth of healing and emergency remedies that sit unused and idle in the kitchen. Superb illustrations adorn a lively text.

The ailments and illnesses that kitchen medicine can address are comprehensively listed, making diagnosis and cure both immediate and easy.

This book has a great wealth of knowledge, an inspiration and healing abilities. The photos are amazing and it has historical notes and anecdotes with an easy reference listed by ailment. You will be amazed at what you have in your store-cupboard. A bit like having a chemist at your doorstep.

Hedgerow Medicine by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal £12.75

Julie and Matthew explain that Britain’s hedgerows abound with forgotten remedies for countless health problems. Julie Bruton-Seal, practicising medical herbalist, together with her co-author, the editor and writer Matthew Seal, have responded to the growing interest in natural medicine by aiming this book at the amateur who wants to improve his or her health in the same way that mankind has done for centuries around the world: by using local wild plants and herbs. There are clear instructions about which plants to harvest, when, and over 120 recipes showing how to make them into teas, vinegars, oils, creams, pillows, poultices or alcohol-based tinctures. Julie and Matthew explain which ailments can be treated, and what benefits can be expected. As well as being packed with practical information on using 50 native plants, Hedgerow Medicine also gives a fascinating insight into the literary, historic and worldwide application of these herbal remedies.

This is another great book clearly laid out for you to discover what’s growing in your local hedgerow. You will never look at a hedgerow the same again after reading this book. It has 250 beautiful colour images and something that will be picked up by anyone if left on your table.

It contains each herb, with its own page or two (or three) about what it does, how to use it, how the herb was used in history with a beautiful accompanying picture. An priceless book for herbalists enthusiasts alike that gives good tips on making tinctures, teas, poultices and much more. It would make a great Christmas present.

The Herbalist’s Bible by Julie Burton-Seal – £17.99

Julie explains that Herbalist to King Charles I, John Parkinson (1567–1650) was a master apothecary, herbalist and gardener. Famous in his own lifetime for his influential books, his magnum opus was published in 1640, the Theatrum Botanicum, which ran to 1,788 large pages. The sheer scope and size was perhaps to prove the book’s downfall because, while it was much revered and indeed plagiarized, it was never reprinted and now has the status of an extremely valuable rare book. Parkinson was writing at a time when Western herbalism was at its zenith, and his skills as a plantsman combined perfectly with his passion for science, observation and historical scholarship. In this editor’s selection, Julie and Matthew have printed Parkinson’s clear and lively description of a chosen plant’s ‘vertues’ or healing properties, adding their own modern commentary and a contemporary take on his almost-forgotten herbal recipes. Busy herbalists, historians and gardeners will welcome this restoration and sensitive highlighting of Parkinson’s huge lost classic.

This book shows you a glimpse into another world when plants were the only remedy of most ailments. They say that even today around 40 per cent of all drugs used are of plant origin.

It’s a great book well set out with lots of information and stunning pictures. It has the original John Parkinson’s text and line drawings along with the modern descriptions and photos.

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My book review for this month is a book you will not want to put down. A New York Times Best Seller – The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From The People Who’ve Lived The Longest by Dan Beuttner.

National Geographic Explorer Dan Buettner has traveled the globe to uncover the best strategies for longevity found in The Blue Zone, places in the world where higher percentages of people enjoy remarkably long, full lives. In this dynamic book, he discloses the recipe, blending this unique lifestyle formula with the latest scientific findings to inspire easy, lasting change that may add years to your life.

This book had me hooked from the beginning and is one you will read to the very end. Some of the fascinating people Dan writes about in the book include a 94-year-old former and self-confessed ‘ladies man’ in Costa Rica, a 102-year-old grandmother in Okinawa, a 102-year-old Sardinian who hikes at least six miles a day.

It’s such a brilliant read! It’s one of those books that you buy and read within the span of a few days because it is just that good ! The straight forward advice makes you think about your own lifestyle and how to make you feel happier.

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#Free and under £5 books on #fibromyalgia…

The Pain Within Me: My Battle With Fibromyalgia, by Lawawn Dunbar : £1.50 on Amazon Kindle – Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2012, Lawawn suffered from pain for too long, and so decided to give her testimony. ‘The Pain Within Me’ tells her story of an ongoing battle with this disease, in the hope to raise awareness and connect with those who share her struggles.

The Pain Within Me: My Battle with Fibromyalgia by [Lawawn Dunbar]

Fibromyalgia Digest as seen on NBC TV – for a FREE copy of the book “Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and CFS” – just head to the website and fill in your name and email address.

Upper Cervical Healthcare has a FREE ebook to download on Natural Help for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Sufferers on their website here. 

Local Los Angeles Doctor writes eBook on a little-known connection between your upper neck, whiplash injuries and Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In this book, you will learn about a little-known procedure that has been helping Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue patient’s improve with a noninvasive and natural approach.

Your Guide to Treating Fibromyalgia – a FREE download ebook Step by Step – A Personal Approach to Managing Fibromyalgia This ebook is packed with detailed information about the most effective means of treating Fibromyalgia. Experts and Researchers agree that a “Patient Directed” Fibromyalgia management program is the best treatment approach. While dozens of proven effective treatment options are discussed at length, the focus of this book is on the process of putting systems to use in researching, planning, implementing and managing the development of an individualized Fibromyalgia treatment program. Through the key concept of “Intelligent” Trial and Error – this ebook will teach you a more effective means of managing Fibromyalgia on a daily basis. You can find it on their website here. 

Your Guide to Treating Fibromyalgia

Free From Fibromyalgia Book 3 Pain and Exercise by Tricia Duffy £2.14 – The author was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia in June 2000. Despite being told that she probably would never recover, Tricia is now well and living a full and satisfying life. She has experienced the pain and so can relate to others who suffer from fibromyalgia. Several practical steps are outlined that really do help with the pain. How the muscles are affected and why this causes the pain is explained here. This leads to the reasons why exercise is so vital when looking at overcoming the debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia, available from Amazon.

Free from Fibromyalgia Book 3 Pain and Exercise by [Tricia Duffy]

Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A practical guide to getting on with your life by Chris Jenner Kindle Edition £3.99 – Written by one of the UK’s leading consultants on pain control, this authoritative, yet easily comprehensible book, delivers a high level of understanding and practical advice to the lay reader. Highly recommended. Manage your Fibromyalgia by becoming an expert patient. There really is life after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia or myofascial pain syndrome, available from Amazon.

Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A practical guide to getting on with your life by [Chris Jenner]

Fibromyalgia: A Guide to Understanding the Journey by Shelley Bolton – £3.29 – This quick read is informative and entertaining, with personal stories and documented research. It doesn’t offer cures and this is intentional. No cures have been found, but what so many of us desperately need is to understand and be understood. That is the purpose of this short, insightful book, available from Amazon.

Fibromyalgia: A Guide to Understanding the Journey by [Shelly Bolton]

But You Don’t Look Sick Fibromyalgia An Invisible Illness by Bette Brown – £3.99 on Kindle from Amazon – For many years Bette Brown has been diagnosed and living with the challenges of fibromyalgia (sometimes referred to as Fibromyalgia Syndrome or FMS). She knows how it affects every corner of your life. She’s had to make several lifestyle changes to ensure she can keep fighting this life-changing illness. As well as her own experience, knowledge and research, she has had access to the personal stories of others who have had the challenge and trauma of living with fibromyalgia and its effect. They have agreed Bette can share these with you. This is a down to earth, easy-to-read book about the debilitating, fluctuating and frequently misunderstood illness fibromyalgia. Ann Livingstone B.A.(Hons) Business Admin Amazon


But You Don't Look Sick!: Fibromyalgia an Invisible illness by [Bette Brown]