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Tomorrow August 8th is National CBD Day.

I don’t know about you but nowadays it seems like CBD products are popping up everywhere! From iced lattes to bath soaks, and it is quickly becoming the next big thing in the wellness world. Of course its nothing new, cannabis enthusiasts have long been excited about the health benefits of CBD as a source of natural relief, and hemp products’ potential as more holistic alternatives to medical treatment.

It has a potential role in in easing symptoms of many ailments like chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, nausea, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and depression. All of which are said to respond well to CBD supplementation for some patients. In fact some of the most popular products that are bought are to enhance sleep, alleviate pain, and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

National CBD Day was born in 2018 to raise awareness and education about CBD. CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis, a flowering plant with several subspecies, including marijuana and hemp.

Celtic Wind CBD Skincare 300mg Muscle Balm – £23.99

CBD Today wrote the CBD industry reached a milestone in 2019 with the introduction of National CBD Day. “The main reason we founded National CBD Day [in 2018] was to generate more awareness and education for CBD. Through accurate and poignant education, we can truly change the way people approach CBD and wellness,” cbdMD President Caryn Dunayer told CBD Today. “With so many fad diets, pills, and cure-alls, people are desperately looking for more natural solutions—that’s where CBD comes into play. Naturally sourced and federally legal, CBD is here to stay.”

Health Control UK write that their Celtic Wind CBD is nature’s gift, produced by a family-owned company, grown and cultivated in the Cooley Mountains of Ireland, the Celtic Wind Crops CBD Oil range is made from Irish Certified hemp, free from pesticides, herbicides and is completely non-GMO. Celtic Wind is the premium quality CBD product range. Celtic Wind Crops CBD oil is a pure, broad spectrum, multi-complex product, created from the whole hemp plant, ensuring that the phytocannabinoid profile is kept intact.

Celtic Wind CBD Canna-Magnesium Capsules 600mg – £23.99

Some of the products you can buy with CBD in them include supplements like tinctures(drops), nasal spray, drinks, patches, capsules, gummies, chocolate, hard candies, lollipops and more. They can also be found in other food products like honey, gums, oils and in body products like massage oil, bath bombs and soaks, face oils, hand creams, balms and more.

Celtic Wind CBD Skincare Body Oil 200mg – £23.99

If you have not tried them before then take advantage of Health Control’s offer. They have partnered with Celtic Wind to provide you with a 40% off reduction for the next 2 months only. Get the best CBD Oil on sale now, delivered direct to your door, from Health Control. Watch the Health Control video here.

Celtic Wind CBD Oil 3% 300mg, 10ml – £11.99

With over 20 years experience in the health care field, Health Control is managed by people who understand health care from both a patient and clinician perspective.  They work hard to source product suppliers who have unique and innovative products but also work with integrity.

Finally a few reasons why you should try some CBD products –

They are narcotic free

They are natural products

They help symptoms of stress, pain, anxiety and insomnia

They improve recovery

They are beneficial to your skin

Please remember that if you are taking any type of medication to check with your GP first before trying something different like CBD products.

Source: Health Control, CBT Today

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I was delighted to receive a gift box of goodies from Naturecan. A company who wants to get as close to nature as we can.

The company was started by a health-focused team with years of experience in nutrition, product development and quality ingredient sourcing. They want to share the oil-natural power of CBD.

From the seed to your door they deliver powerful CBD with quality effectiveness and safety at the heart of everything they do, and as close to nature as they can get it.

They have a great lifestyle blog which answers most health related issues, with regular tips and advice.

This beautiful box arrived wrapped immaculately and when I opened the box the products were neatly wrapped in tissue paper with a leaflet all about the privets and my name personally printed on the front with the words “Barbara discover what Naturecan do”. Well, so far Naturecan do has won my attention hands down.

The leaflet explains the products are grown and extracted from Oregon, USA to meet the highest quality standards and are all completely legal. They utilise whole-plant extraction to filter out unnatural products substances and a unique process maximises CBD concentration with 0% THC guaranteed. Every product is third-party lan tested for certified quality, every time.

They sell a range of CBD oils, capsules, topicals, edibles, non-CBD supplements, and naturally formulated beauty products. On the back of the leaflet it shows you what strength is best for each individual and reminds you to always start with a lower dosage before building up gradually to meet your needs.

The leaflet also has a simple returns form at the back and some FAQ’s. Everything is explained in so much detail.

In my beautiful CBD Tranquility Box, I had a daily moisturiser, lip balm, hand cream, multi-balm, CBD supplement Spearmint Flavour and purify clay mask. I couldn’t wait to start trying some out. All formulated using only plant extracts, active ingredients and broad-spectrum CBD oil, to harness the power of nature to help nourish, repair, and protect – from head to toe.

My box the CBD Tranquility Box is on offer at the moment as you can see from my picture below. I immediately tried out the lip balm as I am sure I am not alone in suffering from such dry lips at the moment, which I am sure has something to do with the masks we are wearing. After just one use my lips felt like normal again. I am now putting this before my lipstick to keep them from drying out.

The hand cream is amazing and smells delicious and the perfect size to keep nearby. The other two products I tried were the moisturiser and the balm which like the other products smells and feels lovely. I am keen to try the spearmint flavoured oil and the clay mask and will write about those products soon.

When I went onto the website I could see I am not alone in endorsing these products. They have five star reviews all round for the products and a number of celebrities also endorsing them. Pop over to their website and see for yourself.