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How Chiropractic Care Brings Pain Relief For Chronic Neck Pain

Dr. James Schofield

Chronic Neck Pain Relief

A patient named Tim was referred to my chiropractic practice of 38 years by a coworker for the chronic neck pain he was experiencing. Tim had been experiencing strong neck discomfort for over six years. His pain was constant and was worsened considerably when he spent long hours in front of his computer and with stressful situations. This article will discuss how Tim was helped by chiropractic care and introduce some relevant research as to how chiropractic care can help bring pain relief for chronic neck pain.

Tim’s case was similar to many I’ve seen in my over three-plus decades of chiropractic practice. Like many of us, Tim’s years involved sitting at a desk through elementary and high school, then in college and at his desk/computer occupation. Tim said after five years at his job his neck and upper back muscles felt as hard as rocks…

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#BACKPAINBLOGUK, backpainbloguk, back pain, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, health, chromic pain, reviews, #fibromyalgia, #pain, BACK PAIN, chiropractor, CHRONIC PAIN, FIBROMYALGIA, HEALTH


US chiropractors aren’t a fancy lot, we don’t need a great deal to do what we do. Fingers, elbows, a bed, knowledge of anatomy. That’s about all we need to start the healing process, but what about you guys who want to do a bit of self massage? It’s impossible to dig your own elbows into the knots in your back, so what are you supposed to do? Well, I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that you already own all the tools you need to be your very own self massage therapist!

These everyday things you’ve been walking past are actually secret therapy tools, so get to using them!


I bet you’ve never looked at a doorframe and seen the hidden massage therapist in there, have you? Well, go take a closer look because they are waiting for you and they’re great for the shoulder girdle. Some of the biggest muscles in your body are your lats – your back muscles – and these can get an amazing stretch from a doorway.

Stretch that back

This is a great stretch as the muscles it affects start down at the tailbone and run up across the back, meaning that this one stretch can impact on a large area.

Doorways are great because you can also stretch the front! If you’ve been slumped at a desk all day then you probably have tight chest muscles, here’s how to stretch them.

The further through the doorway you go the better stretch

You can really improve this stretch by trying to squeeze your arm across your chest, your arm won’t go anywhere because there’s a doorway stopping you (unless you’re the hulk…), but holding that squeeze for 3 seconds means you’ll be able to move forward and get a deeper stretch when you relax.


Chairs have a lot of making up to do. We slouch in them, we sleep on them and they generally give us more problems than they solve, so here’s how to even the score. If doorways are great for the upper body, then chairs are great for the legs! There are lots of stretches you can do on a chair, such as…


You can also stretch your glutes on a chair too,

Just lean forward from here to get a great stretch.

These are all very easy to do if you aren’t very mobile for whatever reason and make the positions easy to get into, as well as helping to even the score against chairs.


This one is the same as the chair, but it can be easier to get into these positions on a bed with it being higher up. Also, here’s an extra stretch you can do on the chair too.

Put your back foot on the bed to get a very deep stretch. Be careful with this one, use the bed to stabilise yourself with the back foot on the floor first to see how much of a stretch you need.

Rolling pin…

A rolling pin is an absolutely essential tool for anyone who wants to perform self massage and yes, you are going to treat your muscles like dough. Your thigh muscles will really benefit from this, so just straighten your legs out and get to rollin’! Go slowly and vary the pressure on yourself, some parts will be more tender than others. The sore parts need extra attention, but can’t take as much pressure, so take your time with it and go easy.

Tennis/golf ball…

These underrated tools are some of the best out there and I have a bag of golf balls up in my bedroom for when I need a quick self massage session. These can provide a smaller, more pointed surface area than the rolling pin. Whilst the pin is great for broad, sweeping strokes, the ball gets much more specific, so if you have an area that just won’t relax, try digging the ball in instead. However, it will be painful. It shouldn’t be, so the level of discomfort you feel is directly proportional to how much you need the work doing. A tennis ball is for beginners and the golf ball is for more experienced people.


So obvious you almost forgot them, right? Don’t underestimate the power of giving yourself a good rubdown. Use your own hands and get your knuckles deep into the muscle, paying extra attention to the parts that are sore.

So there you go, that’s a great start to becoming your own self massage therapist. Some things can be hard to do or to reach on your own, such as your back, so if these tools aren’t helping you hit the spot correctly, then come and visit me or someone in your area. You can also check out my review of Kelly Starrett’s book and see about picking it up, he’s written a masterpiece on how to be your own therapist.

An article from Calm Body Chiropractic
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Due to the sedentary lifestyle, the spine of the modern man is suffering enormous pressure. Almost every one of us has some back problems. Quite simply, a human spine is not made for sitting most of the time.

When they invented the chair, people created a trigger for many health problems. Like any other civilization achievement, chairs make our lives easier, but they also create additional troubles due to too much time spent sitting and too little physical activity.

Walking doesn’t take much effort; how it can be beneficial for your spinal cord, check below:


Even when we are physically active at home, at work, or training, we often do it in the wrong way. That is why back pain occurs. Even worse, we suffer the effects of pressure on the nerves from the spine. Often, we are not aware that the cause of many health conditions can be the spine.


 Chiropractic is an alternative counterpart to conventional treatment. This method has been medically recognized as an additional aid in the treatment of spinal disorders. Its focus is on the spine, vertebrae, and nerve tissues around them. These nerves are in charge of the extremities and functioning of most organs; any of the disorders related to the spine can cause pain and discomfort in other body parts.

One of the most well-known techniques used to restore the correlation between vertebrae and nerves is Cox flexion distraction. Trained therapists use specialized tables for manipulating the spine. By gentle up-down and side-by-side flexion, these passive movements in the lumbar area are solving misalignments. The patient is completely relaxed and does not move his muscles.

As one of the most gentle chiropractic methods, it aims to improve the volume of movement in the spine, increase the space between the joints, and further remove the pressure from the discs and nerves. It also boosts blood and nutrient flow between vertebrae and restores synapse function.


People, because of ignorance and insufficient information, generally have the wrong image of chiropractic. When you mention chiropractor, most people think you are going for a little massage, and you’re good to go. Although this theory of ‘magical, healing hands’ would be nice, the reality is not that simple. So a chiropractor is not a regular masseur who has nothing more than a table and scented candles in the office. Reputable chiropractic centers generally have a wide choice of services.

In reputable chiropractic medical center, you’ll get your diagnose first. You should bring all your medical reports. A good chiropractor values the opinion of an expert doctor and bases the therapy on it. For the treatment of a diagnosed disease, they usually apply various methods, such as Cox flexion distraction and magnet or laser therapy. 

Both healthy and sick people should visit chiropractors. Read here why professional athletes rely on chiropractic care as prevention from injuries. Although many still doubt this method, it is almost entirely safe if you go to trusted places and let the certified experts manipulate your spine. 


 Like any natural method, chiropractic is generally considered harmless. However, there is always a chance for certain complications to occur, especially since people diagnosed with specific health conditions should avoid this treatment.

Primarily, those who should not undergo any type of chiropractic are people with osteoporosis. Due to the brittleness of their bones, although unlikely, there is a chance that the condition will worsen. Also, people who suffer from severe chronic illness or have recently had surgery are not eligible for chiropractic treatment. 

Some of the relative contraindications to the therapist’s work are also bone fractures, open wounds, some systemic diseases, heartproblems, and advanced-stage tumors. Although there’s no age limit for people to visit chiropractors, older people of ruined health should skip this treatment.

 Many spinal problems can be solved naturally without the use of medication and surgery. If the patient undergoes a procedure that is not necessary, the condition may worsen, which is an introduction to the more complicated and uncertain healing process. Surgery should be the last option, and before that, patients should try chiropractic.