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The Pain Management Plan by Robert Lewin and Mike Bryson was published back in September 2010 but I recently bought it after reading about it in a magazine.

The Pain Management Plan – How people living with pain found a better life. The things that helped them and the things that set them back.

It is a self-help guide that is being used by pain management and individuals self-managing their own pain with guidance from their GP. It is a home-based version of just such a pain management programme. It was developed for use in the British National Health Service by three of the UKs leading Pain Management Programmes and leading experts in pain management.

The writer is a strong advocate of the benefits that self management can offer to patients to self-manage their condition ( that’s me). Until you have experienced it yourself it is almost impossible to realise how difficult it is to live with chronic pain. Pain that never really leaves you alone. Pain that usually no one can truly explain or offer any cure for.

Professor Lewin says “research shows that when services do adopt self-management alongside a hospital-based programme they are often able to help more people and reserve their hospital based programmes for people who don’t want to self-manage or have more complex needs”.

Long-term pain is different from the short term pain of injury or an illness that everyone else knows. For one thing it often has no discoverable cause and is pointless and unfair.

Pain Management Programmes have been intensively researched for many years. Over the last 20 years, around the world, many thousands of people have taken part in and benefited from a Pain Management Programme.

Unfortunately though most people living with pain never get a chance to take part because such programmes are few and far between, there are only around 24 such programmes in the UK and each can treat only a few hundred patients a year.

It is hoped that the book will support those suffering with chronic, long-term pain and facilitate and improved quality of life. Until now The Pain Management Programme has only been available as part of an NHS Pain Management Programme. Now, so that more people can benefit, it is being made available for anyone to buy and use at home themselves. I attended one such programme myself many years ago and it definitely helped me understand how to pace myself a bit better but without a book you soon forget some of the suggestions.

It explains to you, in clear plain English, step-by-step, how to develop your own personal pain plan and carry it out on a day-by-day basis over the coming months.

It contains all the materials you will need including a special diary and a stress management programme on an audio CD with guidance on coping with the anxiety and depression that can sometimes come with chronic pain. With long waiting lists to any pain management programme at the moment this is a great resource for people who are desperate for some help with their pain management.

It was developed by people who know and have experienced long-term pain for people who are living with pain now. The experience and wisdom of many thousands of patients are captured in the Pain Management Programme.

Of course, you must discuss the programme with your GP first.

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Your body system functions at its best when you get rid of unwanted substances in your blood. Apart from staying healthy, detoxifying your body will enable you to stay positive and active anywhere you find yourself, and also to help you to stay fit at work.  

Detoxification also helps to remove traces of THC from the body. CBD detox is essential for people who consume THC and CBD-based products, especially if they are going for a drug test. This article gives a complete guide on how to detoxify your body to stay healthy, active, and positive.  Also, you will learn the proper detox method for people going for a drug test.  

Simple Ways to Detox Your Body 

Detoxification is necessary to avoid the accumulation of toxins and other harmful substances in the body. Getting rid of these unwanted substances will not only boost your immune system; it will also prevent conditions like headaches and fatigue and body pains.

When detoxing from painkillers, physical muscle pain may be worse since the drug was masking pain. Once you go through withdrawal, your brain sends signals to the body that it needs more of the drug to stop the pain, which results from an increase in pain when it doesn’t get it. So it’s important for the person to do the detoxification correctly to have the minimum side effects and keep your body healthy.

Are you ready to restore your health to good shape through a simple detoxification process? If yes, consider the methods below:

● CBD Detox Methods 

Most times, people get rid of THC in their bodies to pass a drug test. Anyone who fails this test will be sanctioned accordingly. There is a high tendency to have THC traces in your body if you have taken a product containing those substances not quite long. Hence, it is essential to do a CDB detox before going to a drug test. There are several ways to get rid of these substances from your body; these methods include taking detox drinks, detox pills, Apple Cider Vinegar, or Cranberry Juice. 

If you don’t have the time or money to buy these detox products, carry out detox through a simple DIY method. All you need for this method is a glass of water and lemon. Squeeze the lemon inside an 8 to 16 ounce of water. Taking this mixture will increase the water concentration in your body, thereby making you feel the urge to urinate and flush toxins out of your system.  

However, if you are not getting the desired result from any of these methods, and need to go for a compulsory drug test, you should resort to synthetic or fake urine. Pay attention to synthetic urine instructions to maintain its temperature and other essential properties up to the testing point.

● Exercise to Sweat Out the Toxins 

Engaging in a workout for at least half an hour is another simple way to get rid of toxins from your body system. When you exercise, the sweat removes toxins from your body. You can also sweat by trying a steam room or sauna. The main idea here is to sweat out unwanted substances to achieve better health and renewed energy.

● Take Filtered Water for Proper Hydration 

 You should avoid water loaded with chemicals like fluoride and chlorine because it gives the body additional work of filtering them out. Apart from that, substances like fluorine and chloride can hamper the function of our endocrine system and harm intestinal flora. Hence, you must take filtered water for proper hydration and effective body detoxification.  

● Clean Your Tongue 

Scraping your tongue regularly helps you to get rid of bacteria and toxin buildup. Bacteria sometimes accumulate on the tongue, causing mouth odor and other oral infections. With regular cleaning of the tongue, you can save yourself from embarrassing oral health issues.  

● Take Fresh Fruit Juices

Packaged Fruit Juices may lead to toxin accumulation in your body as they may contain coloring agents, flavor enhancers, and preservatives.  When these tend to build up in the body, they can cause health problems. Therefore, you can detoxify your body with fresh fruit juices. Fresh fruit juices are good for body detoxification because they come with essential fibers that help in digestion.  

● Sleep Well 

To achieve full-body cleaning, you have to detoxify the body and the mind. An excellent way to renew your mind is by getting adequate sleep. There are several health benefits you stand to gain from a good night’s rest. Apart from calming your nerves and re-energizing you for the next day’s work, your brain gets rid of toxins while you are fast asleep. Therefore, you need to cultivate the habit of getting adequate sleep at night to achieve complete detoxification. 

● Add Probiotic to Your Diet 

 Probiotics contain helpful bacteria that get rid of digestive issues and clear the digestive tracts. You can incorporate probiotics into your diet. Yogurt is a significant source of probiotics; hence, you can take this superfood to cleanse your digestive tracts.


 Whether you aim to achieve better health or go for a drug test, the methods explained above will help you get rid of the unwanted substances from your body system. Furthermore, some of these methods also help in renewing your mind to achieve full-body cleansing. With these methods, you are sure to achieve sound health and sense.