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Health Havard wrote recently that not looking after your oral health properly can lead to a number of health problems. You could suffer an infection (an abscess) which could in theory travel to your brain.

You could suffer from gun disease if you do not look after your oral health. People with gum disease are more likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimers disease, and pneumonia although, as Health Havard wrote, it is not proven that the gum disease actually causes these conditions.

Maintaining good oral health gets harder as we age and a growing number of adults are keeping their teeth longer so good oral health is essential. Keeping on top of cleaning your teeth at least twice a day with an electric toothbrush and flossing once a day can help to keep decay away. You can even buy an electric toothbrush with an ergonomic handle.

If you suffer from a dry mouth which could be due to your medication (mine is) then you could try a gum with xylitol in it, sugar free of course and cut down on all sweet products and obviously avoid smoking.

According to the UK Tea & Infusion Association they are now saying that a regular intake of flouride is recommended to protect against dental caries and gum disease.

Tea is a natural source of flouride and just one cup can contain 0.3 to 0.5mg. Studies show that the polyphenolic activity of tea may also benefit oral health. 2-3 servings of tea a day contributes to fluoride intakes but levels don’t exceed European safe limits and are not even high enough to reach recommended levels.

This suggests that a higher tea consumption of 4-5 cups daily would be better for our dental health. Among higher consumers of tea (up to 5 cups daily) fluoride intakes meet recommended levels and are still below safe limits. In children aged 4-10 years an appropriate intake would be 1-2 servings and in older children up to 4 servings daily could be consumed while remaining within limits for fluoride and caffeine.

The UK Tea & Infusions Association have set up a Tea Advisory Panel to provide the media with impartial information regarding the health benefits of tea.

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Wherever you look now you see so many people with beautiful smiles. Back in my day it was those awful braces but so much has changed since then, I thought you might like to read this article all about the type of appliance used today and how to maintain it.

A beautiful smile is an imperative of the modern people. Today, it has placed beauty in a high place in the value system and human communication, even ahead of much more important things such as manners and upbringing. That’s why a beautiful smile is the best first impression we can make on someone.

Straight and healthy teeth are what patients want. Because of these requirements, numerous methods and apparatus have been developed. Their purpose is to correct the position and spacing between teeth in the jaw. Still, the goal of dentistry dealing with these issues (the name of the science is orthodontics) is not just aesthetics and straight teeth.

Properly positioned teeth and the distance between them are essential for the health of the entire organism, especially jaw muscles and surrounding dental tissue. They allow a smooth transfer of the force of chewing, which preserves the supporting tissues and decaying of teeth.

Other reasons why teeth health and proper position in the mouth are of great importance for us, find on this link: https://livenaturallymagazine.com/healthy-teeth-gums-matter


The methods used by orthodontics have broken the prejudice that only kids and teenagers have a chance to straighten the teeth by the end of puberty. Today, there is no age limit for undergoing these treatments or for wearing an orthodontic appliance. However, they avoid it because metal braces are too prominent and, to be honest, quite unattractive. 

Having metal brackets is a bit degrading for adults. When you are a kid, it is somehow more logical to wear these funny dentures because the results will be obtained quickly. But you can freely forget about the ugly and visible wire dentures. Today, these are modern and almost invisible corrective devices that deliver maximum results.

Invisalign is a corrective device adapted for older patients, almost invisible to the teeth. Every patient gets a device made according to the shape of their jaws. As each of us has a unique teeth print, Invisaligns are not uncomfortable to wear. You can remove it whenever you want, such as while eating or sleeping. This way, you avoid pieces of food to get stuck inside the orthodontic appliance. It makes maintenance and cleaning much more comfortable than with old-fashioned metal dentures. 


 The Invisalign orthodontic appliance is one of the latest-generation dental advances, requiring minimal maintenance. You need almost no additional accessories or special cleaners if you take good care of basic dental hygiene regularly. So for starters, you need nothing more than a toothbrush, mouthwash, and floss. To find out why sometimes flossing is more important to us than brushing teeth, click here.

We all understand the reasons why it is necessary to keep a clear eye on our teeth hygiene every day. In addition to health and aesthetics, there is a practical side to it, especially when using an Invisalign aligner. As its name implies, the braces is almost invisible, and almost no one will notice it on your teeth. But it can reveal the real condition of your teeth.

Another thing is that when you put an aligner on unwashed teeth, you push all the bacteria on them deeper into your oral cavity. That will further cause their reproduction and then tooth decay, bad breath, and various inflammatory processes inside your mouth.


Although these aligners change in the short term, approximately every two to three weeks, it does not mean you shouldn’t clean them at all. As seen on  https://thedentalroom.com.au/ stains or discoloration can appear on Invisalign due to chewing, food residue, tobacco smoke, and even condensation that occur when you breathe.

Every two to three days, the Invisalign aligner should be refreshed. It will take you only a few minutes. You’ll do the cleaning like you do tooth brushing, but the movements must be gentler. You can even use a regular toothbrush (although there are specialized, soft brushes in better-supplied pharmacies). 

Sometimes it is only possible to remove the stains with lukewarm water, and sometimes it is necessary to use a specialized cleaning solution. Standard toothpaste usually contains bleachers and baking soda, which erode the material of aligner and can further damage and weaken Invisalign.


 During the period of wearing Invisalign, patients should pay attention to the foods they eat every day. Some ingredients may cause staining or changing the color of Invisalign. Acidic substances can damage the aligner at the microscopic level, making it useless.

It is advisable to reduce the intake of foods that have intense pigmentation, such as beetroot, red wine, berries, but also foods that contain simple sugars – sweets, snacks, and alcohol in general. If you still can’t give up these things, remove the dentures while you eat them and make sure you brush your teeth as soon as possible before returning the aligner.


Since this orthodontic appliance should be worn for most of the day, it is an excellent place for bacteria and fungi to develop and multiply. That will happen because of inadequate hygiene, maintenance, and improper storing of Invisalign.

When you leave this aligner in the air somewhere in a humid place, you have just created the ideal habitat for the development of harmful microorganisms, the causative agent of many diseases. Also, it is not desirable to completely enclose it in the box and to put it in a dark and cold place. These are also ideal conditions for bacteria and germs.

When you think of disposing of dentures, the first thing that comes to your mind is the glass of water on your night table, with your teeth inside it. That can be classified as a god way to store Invisalign, but only for a couple of hours. If you are removing the appliance more often for extended periods, a better solution is a retainer container.

 Dentures and aligners are great ways to get your teeth in order. Although charm is in imperfections, there is nothing attractive in crooked teeth. The use of modern methods of correction is a wise investment since a beautiful smile is one of beauty standards.