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Fibromyalgia flares are something most Fibromyalgia sufferers go through and is a dreaded part of Fibro. They can make your life very miserable.

One thing I found helped me with a flare-up was by writing it in my diary when it happened and what I did to help with it and if it helped.

I also have a list of all the things I enjoy that take me away from my pain like one of my hobbies (making cards) and baking but maybe for you it’s Tai Chi or Yoga that helps. Just knowing something that works will help get through the flare-up.

Make a note in your diary of a particular treatment that helped or a medication or piece of equipment like a tens machine that helped.

Knowing that there is something you can do, use or otherwise for your flare-up, will get you through the worst days and back to controlling it as you normally do.

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The latest edition of Fibro Flare Magazine is now available to read here. Issue 38 covers – Contents Message from the editor  5  Magnesium  41  Trowbridge Fibro Group  6  Did you know   42  Country Kickback  7  Why...

Back issues of the magazines for free download just underneath that. Each back issue is available as individual pdf files or as bulk zipped files, to download the back issue you want click the links,  if you require the zip files please contact the admin by clicking here.

One very interesting article, (apart from mine on Watsu Aqua Therapy of course, lol) is the Dangers of Essential Oils with some hair-raising reading about what can happen if you do not read the labels and use correctly.

Another article on ‘What Causes Fibromyalgia’ is something we would all like to know. It appears that they have finally understood what can cause this debilitating condition.

The magazine is full to the brim of information about Fibromylagia and other related conditions and is well worth reading.