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Making Your Garden AccessibleThe Definitive Guide is a guide written by Stairlift Reviews and a must-read for anyone who struggles to get around their garden during the summer months.

In this comprehensive guide, it starts off by telling us that if you have always enjoyed spending time in your garden it can be very frustrating if you can no longer do what you once did because of a disability, illness or advancing age. Whether gardening itself is your passion, or you simply take pleasure from being outside, reduced mobility can limit the tasks you can do in the garden and restrict the parts of your garden you can access.

Most gardens have hazards that make them unsafe for people with mobility issues, such as uneven ground, slippery surfaces, slopes and steps. According to the Accident Advice Helpline, slips, trips and falls are among the most common accidents to occur in the garden. Injuries range from relatively minor cuts or bruises, to serious fractures or broken bones.

Fortunately, there are several ways to adapt a garden to make it accessible to everyone. There is also a good range of adaptive tools and equipment to help you carry on gardening.

This guide then covers in great detail all about pathways, slopes, steps, raised beds and containers, low maintenance planting, seating, lawns and hedges, watering and tools and equipment and also helpful resources. Everything that you could possibly need or want to know is in this guide for making your garden accessible.