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As an avid lover of reflexology and pressure points I found this great infographic to share with you to keep in your iPad or phone to just remind you which pressure points to work on for specific conditions.

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It’s Migraine Awareness Month and if you suffer from migraines, you will already know how difficult it can be to manage them. This month, migraineurs and researchers alike are coming together to advocate for migraine and headache awareness, education, and research.

Here are a few ways you can participate and show your support:

  • Join a community. Having a support group is essential for migraine sufferers. This month, consider joining a Facebook group, a Reddit community, or another group of migraineurs that you can turn to for sympathy or advice.
  • Educate yourself. Now is a great time to learn more about current migraine research and possible treatments. Check out the Migraine Research Foundation or their blog for migraine and headache-related insights.
  • Get social. One of the best ways to increase migraine awareness is to share your experience on social media. Don’t forget to tag your post or photo with #MHAM2020!

Migraines can be tough, but you are not alone. If you are experiencing severe migraines or need more information on available migraine treatments.

The Migraine Relief Center has also seen the effectiveness of massages in some migraine patients. Massage can release endorphins, increase serotonin levels, reduce sleep disturbances, and relieve stress. All of this can result in fewer migraines and symptom relief. The licensed massage therapists at The Migraine Relief Center integrate a variety of massage techniques in treatment plans.

One I read about is using hand reflexology ( similar to acupuncture but without the needles) –

For a headache at the back of the head put the little finger on the outside edge of the skin crease on your knuckle.
For headache and migraine in the temple area press the ring finger on the outside edge of the skin crease on your knuckle.
For a headache at the top of the head press the middle finger on the radial side (thumb side) edge of the skin crease of your knuckle.



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The earliest evidence of Reflexology comes from China, circa 2700 BCE. The reflex is stimulated by direct pressure to a particular point. On the palm and wrist there are some 45 reflex points, and on the back of the hand 28 reflex points, that represent a particular organ, region, or function of the body.

Combinations of reflex points are used in Reflex therapies. Since hand reflexology is performed by applying pressure from fingers and thumbs on reflex points on the hands, the practice can provide an easy, cost-effective and safe way to treat ailments. Stimulation of the so-called “reflex” points promotes relaxation, improves circulation and encourages the body to heal itself.

While reflexology hand mapping feels best (and may be more effective) when done by someone else, it is possible to work on oneself. Try having a go yourself by pinching the finger tips and thumb of your right hand. The pressure applied to each finger should be firm, but make sure it is not painful. A few seconds for each single finger tip will be sufficient. Now do the same with the other hand, but always check with your GP first if you are on any medication.

Reflexologists believe that the hands are considered to have electrical properties. The right hand palm being positive and the left hand palm negative. The right hand also has a reinforcing, stimulating effect while the left has a calming, sedative effect. The back of each hand is opposite to the palm, so the right is negative and the left positive. This is important when using reflexology as if the object is to revitalise the body and restore energy flow, then the right hand will have the best effect. The left hand, with its calming effect is best used for pain.

This is a perfect antidote to backache caused by sitting at a computer for too long.
The reflex is stimulated by direct pressure to the particular point. There are a number of online sites that show you how to apply hand reflexology from WikiHow to AOR Hand Reflexology Explorer where you can move the cursor to view the hand reflexology points and what they correspond to.

There are online courses you could take but always remember to check with your GP first before trying it yourself.