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According to an article in The Daily Mail an ergonomic foot rest has been hailed as a revelation for easing back pain while working from home, or anywhere else for that matter.

It has over 2,200 great reviews with customers raving on how brilliant it is. The Huanuo Foot Rest is available from Amazon at the moment with £10.50 off the RRP now at £25.49 – I’ve just ordered mine.

I have always had a small foot stool under my desk upstairs but this one is adjustable which I think would be much better and one I could use downstairs as well. It says that the Ergonomic foot rest can improve your posture and blood circulation by holding your feet and legs up, which makes you feel more comfortable. Relaxing your legs and back when you work in the office or at home, even when you are playing game. Not only can footstools correct sitting posture but also help relieve discomfort in the shoulder or intervertebral disc area.

The height can be adjusted manually in 2 different positions: 10.5 cm / 15.2 cm (connect two foot cushions with Velcro). It’s easy to find the perfect position to meet your needs. You can also move the footrest cushion under your knees or ankles when you sit on the floor or lie down. The underside with high-quality silicone can not only prevent it slipping, but it also has gentle massage function. The pillowcase can be easily removed for cleaning and reusing. The zipper is located on the side of the mat.

The filler is made of high-density memory cotton with excellent elasticity that fits into the soles of your feet and supports them at the same time. The size of the entire product is 43.2 * 28.7 * 15.2cm  

As one reviewer put on Amazon“I normally use a tilted plastic flat footrest at work.
This one is way more comfortable and doesn’t make noises all the time and fits under my home desk better. Has allowed me to get better posture, and reduced back pain in just a few days.
I’m getting one of these for my real office when I go back.

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As an avid lover of reflexology and pressure points I found this great infographic to share with you to keep in your iPad or phone to just remind you which pressure points to work on for specific conditions.