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The HBC free online summit takes place on the 9th October, 2019.

Make an impact online, grow your personal brand and become an authority in the health and wellness space.

Share with friends and join into this FREE event which is full of inspiring talks about sustainability, fitness, wellness, Veganism and more.

There is 5 hours of content you can view from home with 13+ speakers.

Join this online conference for bloggers, creators, and health and wellness professionals to supercharge your income and impact.

There’s lots you will learn, from how to create a successful freelance career, why getting customer feedback is essential for growth, and help with getting the confidence you need to be on camera and much more.

Some of the topics covered under the heading ‘Wellness‘, include plant based trends, sustainability, the future of fitness and self-care in the online world. Another topic, ‘Personal Brand’, which covers customer behaviours, legal tips and content trends.

The summit replay will be available for 7 days for the date of the online summit.