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As we all know it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month from the 1st October – 31st October – Every October, people all over the world show their support for people affected by breast cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness website say ” work’s always important, but October is when we get to really shout about it.” For months, the coronavirus put many areas of breast cancer on pause. Now more than ever, they need people, communities and businesses across the UK to help them press play on breast cancer research and care.

It is also Breast Cancer Wear it Pink Day on October 22nd.

On Friday 22 October 2021, the charity wants you to wear pink. Raise money. And help make life-saving breast cancer research and life-changing care happen.

If there ever was a time to put on that pink top, proudly drape that pink feather boa around your neck or pull up those pink socks, it’s now.

Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink day is one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK. Taking place during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, thousands of amazing people wear it pink in their communities, schools or work places for the UK’s largest breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now.

2021 is the 20th year that we’ll all be wearing it pink, with over £36 million raised since 2002. Together, they can go even further and raise even more money for the people affected by this disease.

Since March 2020, the doors to hundreds of their community support events have had to close and researchers were kept out of their labs for 100 days or more.

That’s why they have become more determined to make sure they are there to support people when they need them. And more determined to make the breakthroughs in research that will continue to drive forward progress.

People affected by breast cancer need us – and they need you too. That’s why we need you to wear pink, raise money, and help make life-changing research and care happen.

Getting involved is easy. Just sign up and then start planning what you’re going to do on the day.


If you’re not sure about what to do for wear it pink, don’t worry. They have got all the ideas you’ll need to make sure you have a brilliant day wearing pink, raising money and helping anyone affected by breast cancer. Just head to the Wear It Pink website for some ideas.

Source: Wear It Pink

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World Spine Day took place on October 16th 2021. To raise awareness of this I put together over twenty tips on how to keep your spine healthy which was posted onto To Better Days website, or you can read it below.

1.Always bend you knees when lifting ‘anything’ and keep your stomach pulled in and hold the item close to you.

2. Avoid excess weight, as this puts a lot of pressure on your spine. Eat a balanced diet that includes anti-inflammatory foods and vitamin D to keep your bones strong.

3. Watch your postures, especially if you sit down a lot. Take regular breaks to walk around and stretch out.

4. Stay as active as possible, walking and swimming are great for people suffering from back pain.

5. Try to keep your feel flat on the floor when you are working at a desk and practice good ergonomics while sitting—and limit total sitting time.

6. Only wear high heels for special occasions as they put a strain on your spine.

7. Pop a cushion or towel behind your back for long car journeys and make sure you stop for regular breaks.

8. If you are moving home then pack smaller boxes instead of larger ones, disassemble furniture to make it lighter and plan to use a cart or dolly if needed.

9. Improving the strength in your back is very important to long term back pain relief. With light exercise, you can loosen any tightness in the muscles and ease any pain you may be struggling with. Start slowly with your exercise, gradually increasing the amount you do each week until it becomes something you want to do rather than a chore.

10. Stay flexible, if you are desk bound, move around every 30 minutes, do not get chained to your desk.

11. Have a deep tissue massage as this can help back pain a great deal but make sure whoever gives it to you is fully qualified.

12. Stay hydrated.

13. For the women, don’t carry your life around in your handbag.

14. For the men, don’t carry too much in your computer bag.

15. Do not smoke, it has been proven that people who smoke are more likely to have lower back pain.

16. Never twist and bend at the same time.

17. When brushing your teeth rinse with a cup of water, don’t bend, it’s a classic position to trigger low back pain.

18. When getting out of bed, lie on your side, raise your head then put your feet on the floor and lift yourself into a sitting position.

19. Ask for help. See if a family member, friend or neighbour might go shopping with you to reach those hard-to-reach items. Ask for help if you are on your own. My husband shops with me every week as most of the time I can’t reach the items and I do need his help.

20. Let your spine really rest while sleeping.

21. Talk to your doctor about over-the-counter medications for controlling pain and inflammation.