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Get Blogged have put together a list of 34 Best Chronic Illness Blogs (I was not listed Boo Hoo) however my great friend and blogger Invisibly Me is listed – well done Caz, you so deserve to be on the list. I will try and join you next year.

Each and every day at Get Blogged, they work with a massively varied selection of bloggers who are consistently publishing the best content, inspiring their audiences, and making waves in their respective fields.

Get Blogged write that when it comes to websites that really make a difference to the lives of their readers, there’s arguably no niche that rivals that of chronic illness bloggers.

A chronic illness blog is one which covers topics such as disabilities, chronic conditions, and mental health issues. Some of the conditions discussed may include, but are not limited to, ME, fibromyalgia, IBD, IBS, cancer, and lupus.

These blogs often share the journeys of their owners and the lessons they’ve learned and challenges they’ve overcome along the way, as well as seeking to provide support and solace to those who are battling their own illnesses.

The writers tend to be strongly patient centric, being the voice of the communities that they represent online. Chronic illness blogs are a lifeline for so many, and the communities built around them are positive spaces where readers can be heard, informed, and inspired.

With such strong relationships with their audience, these creators have the power to ensure your brand is introduced to the people who really need it the most. 

There are so many excellent blogs in the niche, and we’ve curated this list of popular, successful blogs that are creating seriously quality content.

Check out their list here