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Finding something relaxing to do to take your mind off the Covid situation over the last few months has been quite a challenge. But, as many of my readers know I’m a keen and enthusiastic crafter and I found a number of crafts to keep me occupied.

More recently, I had sent off for a Paint By Numbers Kit which was flying over to me all the way from America.

I was looking for some colourful artwork for my bathroom and suddenly thought about giving it a go myself. I had looked at Paint By Number Kits (for adults) online on numerous occasions and decided this could be my next project. To be honest with you I could not understand why it has not been as fashionable as it is now before. Paint By Numbers is a relatively simple concept. You buy the outline of a painting that is sectioned off, each given a corresponding number. You will then use paints with numbers on the top of each pot within the kit. It’s that simple.

It’s an easy and satisfying way to get through the next six months. You don’t need to know anything about art or even have an artistic ability ( I certainly haven’t) you just have to be keen to give it a go. You will then end up with your own personalised wall decoration. A beautiful canvas artwork made by yourself to pop on your wall, gift it to someone or even sell it online.

It would also make the perfect gift and with Christmas coming up in the not to distant future a perfect gift for someone else to enjoy. Paint By Numbers Kits used to be something just for the kids but now there are lots to choose from suitable for adults to paint.

To me it’s like a Complementary Therapy in a kit. A very therapeutic process to help you relax and yet concentrate on your painting and take your mind off your pain.

They provide you with a high quality canvas, paints and brushes so you are good to go straight away. Mine arrived nicely packed and once I’d opened it I was surprised at the size of it but then again I’m still in inches and not centimetres so that did not surprise me. I wasn’t blessed with the gift of art drawing although I can copy the odd flower and I have always loved art.

I decided on a Cacti picture as I knew if I decided to not put it in my bathroom it would look great in any room as I have lots of plants around the house. I also thought that a similar colour theme ( mainly green) might be easier to follow for my first try. It has everything in the pack with all the colours and paint brushes so I was keen to get cracking right from the start.

I initially left it on the kitchen table but then moved it into my craft room to sit and do it at leisure rather than looking at it in the kitchen and thinking I should do more work on it. The last thing you want is to feel under pressure to get your Paint By Numbers Kit finished. If you went to a typical painting lesson you would focus on methods and techniques to achieve a result. The purpose to identify and practice formal painting skills. But in mindfulness the painting skill or techniques are not important. What counts is the process of creating.

It is so relaxing that I would recommend it to anyone feeling low or in pain as it is yet another way to escape the doom and gloom of life at the moment. It will involve a lot of detailed painting but I will really enjoy the challenge. I am what you might call well and truly hooked.

For people working it is a great way to relieve the work pressure and take you to another place into another world. If you haven’t tried this before then this is most definitely the time to give it a go. It’s definitely a new and rewarding hobby for me which has been on my bucket list of things I wanted to try for a long time.

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci came up with the idea of Paint By Numbers. Paint by numbers kits were invented in 1950 by Dan Robbins.

Robbins invented the kits after he was hired on to work at Palmer Show Card Paint Company, where he first worked as an illustrator for children’s books. But after a period of time, the company’s founder, Max Klein, told Robbins he wanted him to come up with a way to sell more paint. A creative thinker, Robbins came up with the paint by numbers kit, a hobby which would help people to enjoy the art of painting.

Paint By Numbers Kits come in a number of different themes from Children’s Room ideas to an Abstract, the world is really your oyster. It is definitely on my Christmas present list to buy for a few friends. Give it a go, you will not be disappointed.

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I have never written a review on a hotel on this blog before as I usually write them on trip advisor but I felt I had to write one about The Christchurch Harbour Hotel and Spa in Christchurch, Dorset. It’s set against the backdrop of spectacular Harbour views.

We were lucky enough to enjoy a break at this Hotel last weekend for my nephew’s wedding. The forecast for our long drive down was awful last Friday on one of the coldest days for years. The snow down south was bad so we planned our route and were well equipped for any emergency with enough clothing, food, and drink in case we got stuck in the snow.

The 4.5 hours it took us to get there was better than we thought it would be but it was still an anxious drive through freezing rain, wind and snow so by the time we arrived at the hotel the one thing I was desperate for was a rest.

The rooms as you can see from the photos were lovely and the beds soooo inviting. We did have a bit of a giggle about the height of the bed as I am so tiny (in height) I thought I would need a step to get onto it. It wasn’t long before I was in the land of nod in a bed that was as comfortable as my own and even the pillows were perfect. The two nights that we stayed were two of the best night’s sleep I have had in ages.

All the facilities at the hotel were beautiful with a lovely spa if you had the time to go and enjoy it. Looking out at some of the harbour frozen over a bit was something I have never seen before but all the guests made it to the wedding and most like myself could not praise how comfortable the hotel was. To some people, the simple thing of whether the bed is up to scratch would probably be of no interest to them but for others like myself that could suffer greatly if the bed isn’t right will understand why I have written this review.

The journey home wasn’t as long as going but my back has suffered badly over the last week and so has my sleep so I I wish the hotel was nearer so I could do with pop back for another couple of good nights sleep.