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On Thursday 8th November on ITV’s Lorraine program Dr. Hilary talked about back pain.

He explained how many people suffer from back pain but if you promote good posture it could help to alleviate some of the pain, especially in the thoracic and neck region.

With today’s technology many people have their neck bent for most of Active Posture’s, posture shirt can help with this problem by correcting your posture for you which was worn on Lorraine.

I have reviewed this shirt before as I felt a real benefit in my thoracic area after wearing it.

If you missed it then this is the link to the second review which basically explains all about the posture correcting shirt from Active Posture.

It makes sense that good posture will help anyone with spinal problems and I noticed a difference after wearing mine but I had no idea how many other people were looking for something like this for them.

I have since done a little bit more research on posture correcting items which are quite widely available on the internet. They vary in price from this brace posture orthotic corrector back adjuster for as little as £5.42 from Gear Best to a posture brace/corrector from Back Pain Help at £39.99

Amazon has over 8,000 results for Posture Correctors which again vary in price but if I type in posture correcting shirt then you have to scroll over quite a few pages to find a proper posture shirt like this Skins Mens DNAmic Ultimate K-Proprium Posture Top at £98.23 which states that it has Biomechanically placed Proprioceptive Power Bands wrap the body’s prime movers to give them the support they need to stay activated and able to control motion for longer periods of time. But it doesn’t go into any detail about it helping with pain.  

Tommie Cooper Womens Posture Shirt also on Amazon has said it has targeted compression to the shoulders and muscles along the spine and helps relieve everyday aches and pains at a cost of £72-£197. 

It is obvious that to get the best ones of these tops/shirts to help with your posture and ease pain will definitely not be cheap but as with anything in life, you pay for what you get. I’ve only tried the posture correcting shirt from Active Posture at £89.95 so I cannot comment on any others that I have written about above,  but it’s a trial and error for anyone wanting to give this a try and Active Posture do offer you a money back guarantee and has five stars from 803 reviews. So maybe that’s why I had so many readers on my review of this top. 

#BACKPAINBLOGUK, backpainbloguk, back pain, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, health, chromic pain, reviews, posture correcting shirt, spinal pain, Uncategorized


A month ago I wrote a review on the posture correcting Shirt from ActivePosture.co.uk which has NeruoBand technology to help with back and spinal pain. Since then I have worn it a lot more often and for longer periods especially while working on my laptop or travelling.

These posture correcting shirts are to help relieve pain and realign your shoulders and spine. I guess I am the perfect candidate to review this top as I have both lumbar and cervical problems after both areas have had spinal fusion surgeries. Good posture is important for anyone with or without problems and the NeuroBand Technology in these shirts works by providing resistance to different areas of your body which helps to pull your spine and shoulders into the right position.

After wearing it over the last four weeks I have noticed my neck and shoulder pain is less which I am sure is due to the top. I am someone who prefers loose clothing so the tightness of this top was something I had to get used to in the beginning but then, strangely enough, it doesn’t feel as tight the more you wear it. It says to hand wash in cold water which is how I washed it and the shirt washes well.  It’s strange as the minute you take the shirt off you feel a sense of your muscles altering like you have just had a work out in the gym or a swim.

You can definitely feel a gentle reminder to pull your shoulders back while sitting at a desk. I would normally have to get up several times and lift my shoulders up and down because of my pain. I also find this top a great support if I am going on a long car/train journey and would highly recommend it for travel. All in all, I have definitely benefitted from wearing the posture correcting shirt and will continue wearing it. With a 30 day money back guarantee available with the shirt where can you go wrong?