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PERCKO is a French Company who sell three different types of posture tops to help correct your posture and relieve back pain. Their website states their posture tops have given 50,000+ users less back pain. Just reading their story on their website of how it all started inspires you to give this product a try.They say that you will get benefit from day one of wearing one of their posture tops. They have three different tops to choose from, LYNE UP is for daily life, LYNE FIT is for sporting activities and LYNE PRO is ideal for manual activities or gardening.

As my readers will have seen from my previous posts I was given the LYNE UP posture top which they state is for daily life but I found the top to tight and uncomfortable but I did explain that maybe they were not designed for ladies who are top heavy. It was suggested I tried the LYNE PRO which they say is ideal for manual activities or gardening.

The fit of this posture top was much better with a seat belt like fasten at the front. You can immediately feel your shoulders being straightened when you put this top on. My worst shoulder arms and neck pain comes on quite quickly if I am at my desk blogging or making cards so I was hoping this would help.

It is quite amazing the difference it makes to my pain. I’ve had two spinal neck fusions so I’m pretty restricted on how low I can look down but wearing this posture top has meant I can quite happily sit at my desk for quite a while before I need to give it a rest or move around. I can now gets lots done in a morning or afternoon which would have taken me days before.

Whenever I’m doing housework I pop this posture top on as dusting and hoovering involves moving your neck around lots so this helped with this job as well. With my back problems I won’t be doing any gardening or manual activities but I’m sure it would work amazing for that. I cannot thank PERCKO enough for letting me try out this posture top.

PERCKO have kindly offered my readers a promo code backpainblog that will give 15% off to anyone who purchases a posture top from them :).