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After dealing with heart disease and cancer complications in his family last year, Sunil Modi (founder of the app) wanted to do something about connecting people suffering from chronic life threatening illnesses and came up with the idea of an app.

Reachout is a first of its kind completely free, Social Support App that helps patients cope with Chronic Pain, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Substance Abuse, Death and Mental Illness.

Serving as a supplement to medical support, Reachout addresses the compounding problems of depression, anxiety, panic and loneliness that often accompany the chronic conditions mentioned above. The App provides everyone a means to the social support that has been shown through Research to improve recovery outcomes in patients.

The app is available for both iOS and Android

Price: Free – Website: Reachout Life  

Since the release in March 2016, the app has received rave reviews, both from the medical community as well as journalists. A recent 2 minute video coverage by ABC affiliate of Dallas explains this app very well.

Sunil pointed out that they have only recently expanded the reach into Chronic Pain after receiving several requests for it. You will never feel alone if you join the family of users connected for the same cause across all borders worldwide. Receiving Support is very helpful, and offering support is therapeutic.

There are support groups for Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Pain, Mental Illness, Heart Disease, Substance Abuse, Death and Grieving and learn about others on their ‘My Story’ page.

Adversity affects us all at some point in our lives but dealing with death, cancer, diabetes and heart disease in his family, Sunil realized a common thread among all. A notion that somehow the pain and suffering diminishes when patients are surrounded with love and compassion. A notion that has been scientifically studied and acknowledged.

For more details or to download this free app pop over to Reachout’s website now.