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Yesterday I wrote this article on ‘The Real Reason You’ve Turned into an Insomniac’ on my other blog, Afternoon Tea4Two, as I was chatting about a Bubble Tea delivery but I thought I would repost to my Sleep Sunday post for my regular Sleep Sunday readers.

Are you struggling to get to sleep at night? Have you tried counting sheep and you still cannot drift off? The importance of a good night’s sleep should never be devalued. Your sleep will dictate how you feel the following day and it can also have a huge impact on your health.

Insomnia is a very common symptom in this modern age. The best way to properly cure insomnia is to change to a healthy lifestyle so that the cognitive reasoning of the brain remains intact.

In order to rectify your sleep issues, you need to figure out why you are having them to begin with, so let’s take a look…

Are you feeling stressed? – In most cases, people struggle to sleep because they are feeling stressed out. Stress is something more and more people are experiencing today. Are your troubles keeping you awake at night? If so, you need to find ways to de-stress. From yoga to breathing exercises, find out what works for you. 

You have no sleep routine – Do you find that you could go to sleep at 9 pm one night and then the following night you are awake past midnight? If so, this is probably why you are struggling to get to sleep at night. Having a consistent routine is important. We’d recommend getting a bubble tea delivery and having a nice mug to de-stress before bed.You exercise close to your bedtime  – When do you exercise? If your workout takes place within three hours of your bedtime, it is a good idea to try exercising earlier in the day to see if

this has a difference on your ability to sleep. You may find that you are able to drift off with greater ease. This is because we are often filled with energy and adrenaline after exercising. 

Your mattress is not comfortable – If you are to get to sleep in an evening, you need to make sure your mattress is comfortable. This is the most pivotal part of your sleeping routine. There are no right or wrongs regarding what sort of mattress you should choose. After all, we all have different levels of comfort. You can read as many mattress buying guides as you want, but until you test a mattress you will never truly know if it is right for you or not. 

The temperature is wrong – In addition to the points that have already mentioned, another element that could have an impact on your sleep is the temperature in the room. This is especially the case if the room is too hot. After all, we all know how restless we can get throughout the summer months. Making sure the temperature is cool and comfortable is a necessity if you are going to get to sleep with ease every evening. 

You play games on your smartphone before going to sleep – Last but not least, a lot of people are guilty of doing this! If you are, then you have probably found the reason why you cannot get a good night’s sleep. It is really difficult to get to sleep after using technology because of the light. Not only does it impact your ability to go to sleep, but it has an impact on your quality of sleep too.

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On Sleep Sunday this week I thought you might find it interesting to know the top twenty reasons why you cannot get to sleep.

According to an article in HR News one in ten of us are kept awake by the dread of going to work the next day. However number one on the list by 55% say that being too hot can keep you up all night.

The study, by And So To Bed, asked 1000 Brits about their sleeping habits to reveal what is most likely to keep them awake at night, the study revealed that over HALF of the UK (55%) can’t hack the heat when attempting to sleep. This was followed by a THIRD being kept awake by anxiety (36%). 1 in 10 admitted that their job and the dread of going to work kept them awake at night.

The study show that a third of the UK now rely on sleeping aids to get a good nights sleep, with two in 10 going for a herbal remedy (that’s me) and over one in 10 relying on prescribed medication It also showed that nearly a third of us take a nap during the day (that’s me again).

1Being too hot55%
3Needing the toilet30%
4Partner snoring23%
5Your phone20%
7The light (street lights or brighter mornings)16%
8Being too cold16%
9A headache15%
11Uncomfortable bed14%
12Road traffic noises13%
15Too much caffeine12%
16Medical conditions11%
17Your period11%
18Your job (the dread of going the next morning)10%
19Co-Sleeping with a child10%
20Partner taking up too much space in the bed10%
HR News 20 Things Keeping The UK up at Night

Some things that we have admitted to doing as a result of poor sleep are – Sleeping elsewhere like on a sofa, napping while working from home. Sleeping on public transport. Waking our partners due to their snoring. Moved into another room to sleep due to partners snoring noise.

Source: HR News