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Sleeping in the best position for your health is very important. It can make your complaint much worse and you can wake up feeling drained and in more pain. But what are the best positions to sleep in for conditions like sciatica, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis and much more?

Here are some suggestions I have found on the internet to help you sleep correctly for your condition.

On a previous post I wrote that The Healthy Education Coach talks about how random sleeping positions can take different effects on everyone. Therefore, it can affect our health positively and negatively.

This is why you should know, what is the perfect sleeping position for your health issues. There are sleeping positions that impact numerous aspects such as back pain, sinus problems, high blood pressure.

Their infographic shows how to sleep if you have sinus problems, heartburn, neck pain, shoulder pain, high blood pressure, pms discomfort and pain, headaches, digestive problems or back pain.

To Better Days have written an article specifically on sleeping with rheumatoid arthritis and say you should try to keep your body mobile throughout the day and schedule in your sleep time and get into a routine of going to bed at the same time each night. Stay away from caffeinated drinks and blue screens before bed and allow yourself at least eight hours of sleep each night.

Also, something which I totally agree with is that your bedroom is your sanctuary. I have always gone out of my way to make my bedroom very special and a place I love to go to for an afternoons’ rest and I find this helps me turn off quickly for 40 winks or more. They also talk about making sure you have the right pillow and the right bedding and popping the pain killers or using your patches at the same time before you retire to bed. Your body clock will work much better that way.

The image below shows you the best sleep positions for rheumatoid arthritis.

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Following on from my post yesterday on Sleep World Day. Today I am writing on National Bed Month which is taking place this month.

The Sleep Council writes about how National Bed Month is taking place to raise awareness of of how important a good, comfortable bed is in helping to achieve a good nights sleep.

They also have a competition to celebrate National Bed Month which is running throughout the month. They have teamed up with Soak and Sleep for a chance to win an eco-friendly ReDown All Seasons double duvet, worth £133, guaranteed to help you sleep with a clean conscience.

Comfort – whether that’s the bed, the bedding, the temperature of the room etc – plays a large part in getting a good night’s sleep. As well as having a comfortable and supportive mattress make sure you have the right duvet and pillows.

Soak&Sleep believe good sleep should be available to everybody. They know there is a proven link between a good night’s sleep and improved physical and mental wellbeing, but too many of us still neglect our bedding, settling for poorly made, one size fits all products that aren’t fit for purpose. A duvet is a duvet, right? Wrong! Their products are well made and built to last, which is part of the vision to deliver more quality sleep for less.

The ReDown double sized duvet, made with 100% recycled down and feather, is considered ultra-clean by industry standards because of the double washing process. ReDown is not only eco-friendly but also extremely good for allergy sufferers. The cleaning process also ensures the filling is soft, lofty and extra comfortable!

The competition closes at 3pm on Friday 13th March. The winner will be announced on The Sleep Council’s Twitter and Facebook pages no later than Monday 16th March.

For your chance to win a double ReDown All Seasons duvet, you must FOLLOW both Sleep Council and Soak&Sleep on Twitter and RETWEETthe competition post. Alternatively LIKE both Sleep Council and Soak&Sleep on Facebook. Then SHARE the competition post and COMMENT.

For competition terms Hess to The Sleep Council website.

There are lots of other bed companies promoting National Bed Month you can find out by just typing National Bed Month into Google.

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This week on Sleep Sunday I thought I would write about World Sleep Day which takes place on Friday March 19th, 2021. The slogan this year is Regular Sleep, Healthy Future.

World Sleep Day is an annual, global call to action about the importance of healthy sleep. The focus of WSD is to bring cognizance to the many burdens of sleep problems, as well as the importance of healthy sleep. WSD publicly displays efforts being taken toward prevention and management of sleep disorders. Created and hosted by World Sleep Society, World Sleep Day is an internationally recognized awareness event bringing researchers, health professionals and patients together to recognize sleep and its important impact on our health.

WSD is co-chaired by Lourdes DelRosso, MD, MS, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Associate Sleep Medicine Fellowship Director at University of Washington and Professor Fang Han, MD of The Sleep Center, Peking University People’s Hospital in Beijing, China; with support from World Sleep Society’s staff and WSD committee members.

Most sleep disorders are preventable or treatable, yet less than one-third of sufferers seek professional help. Sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world’s population. Better understanding of sleep conditions and more research into this area of medicine will help reduce the burden of sleep disorders on society.

WSD events take place globally, but are listed together online at World Sleep Day Org. In the past, World Sleep Day delegates have worked locally to spread awareness of sleep issues by hosting special events, translating materials, distributing booklets and pamphlets on sleep, hosting school events, press conferences and securing media coverage around the world. Delegates also created content such as public lectures and workshops, appearances on local television and radio shows, booklets, pamphlets, promotional videos, and press releases on sleep.