This great graphic which I found on Pinterest from My Southern Health shows how we can easily try some Yoga positions for chronic pain. Psychology Today write that chronic pain triggers changes in brain structure that are linked to depressionanxiety, and impaired cognitive function. New research shows that practising Yoga has the opposite effect on the brain and can relieve chronic pain.

Harvard Health points out that Yoga can help people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, low back pain, and many other types of chronic pain conditions. A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine found that among 313 people with chronic low back pain, a weekly yoga class increased mobility more than standard medical care for the condition. Another study published at nearly the same time found that Yoga was comparable to standard exercise therapy in relieving chronic low back pain.

A meta-analysis of 17 studies that included more than 1,600 participants concluded that yoga can improve daily function among people with fibromyalgia osteoporosis-related curvature of the spine. Practising Yoga also improved mood and psychosocial well-being.


Try yoga techniques for chronic pain management. In this infographic, we share 8 poses can help ease your pain and stress. Learn more on My Southern Health.






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For a comprehensive collection of yoga classes, opt for Yoga Studio. They offer 15-, 20-, and 30-minute pre-made classes, plus allow you to make up your own class using their library of 280 yoga poses (they’ll suggest the sequence so it actually flows together). The other nice thing about this app is that you can download the workouts to use offline, or stream the classes on your Apple TV or laptop.



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Vinyasa yoga might sound like a snooze, but this app makes it more interesting with three different class structures and accompanying playlists. Each time you use the app, Down Dog will mix up the workout so you never have to repeat a flow. (BTW, the free version is great, and you’re not missing much if you opt out of the pro membership.) Down Dog

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There are yoga workouts for all levels on this app, but if you’re just starting off you’ll find the set plans very helpful. The programs range from one week to 30 days long, and focus on a theme, like fitness or mindfulness. They even have specialised courses to help you learn to safely do a split or shoulder stand.

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The yoga routines offered on this app combine interval training and traditional yoga to help you build strength, so be prepared to break a sweat and do lots of planks. There are distinct categories for the yoga flows (like strength, flexibility, and relaxation), so you can dial it up or down depending on your mood.

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If you sit for a prolonged length of time it puts more pressure on your discs, which in turn puts your back and spine at risk from damage and can cause a flare up of your pain.

Office workers, who spend a lot of their time at a desk or computer for hours on end and without breaks are one of the most vulnerable to experience back pain as well as RSI in their hands and fingers.

The same goes to anyone who may be bed-bound or unable to move around due to an illness or condition. Blood clots can form in your legs so always make sure you wear the stockings given to you or try to move your feet around in a circle regularly as you lie on the bed.

Your back becomes vulnerable to stress due to your back and stomach muscles not being exercised regularly or not being moved which has a knock on effect to other joints in your body. You can end up with stiff joints, ligaments and muscles problems.

They say that it’s not just the inactive that are vulnerable, even if you are fit, without regular breaks and movement of your spine, just about anyone can end up in pain.

Unfortunately for women experts have found that high heels can also cause unnatural stress on the spinal muscles and ligaments so if you can wear lower heels or even flats during the day it will help keep your back straighter.