An article recently said that having a Spinal Cord Stimulator, which is a tiny battery-powered transmitter similar to a pacemaker which is fitted for chronic pain is now stopping patients from needing as many painkillers.

Researchers at Jefferson University in the US, monitored 5,000 people with chronic pain and found that one year after having the spine implant fitted, 93% of patients were on lower daily doses of painkilling drugs.

Spinal Cord Stimulators is a type of neurostimulation therapy proven to be effective for many chronic pain sufferers.1 Recommended by doctors for over 40 years to manage chronic pain in the back, arms and legs, SCS helps mask pain by blocking or changing pain signals before they reach the brain.




I found this very interesting pin on Pinterest from The Viking Abroad blog who has written down her tips on how to travel with Fibromyalgia.

The writer Vibeke who is a travel writer and photographer is also a Fibromyalgia sufferer and so has to plan carefully for her trips around the world.

She comments that good shoes are the key which of course is essential. The latest ones that I have seen which are ideal for travel are Joya shoes. The positive effect of a soft, springy surface on the locomotive system has been put to good use by physiotherapist for a long time now and is a highly topical subject in the fields of prevention/rehabilitation. The Joya brand has developed a shoe which makes use of this principle. The soft, supple material of the patented Joya sole means the load on the sole of your feet is ideally distributed as you walk and stand instead of being concentrated only on certain spots.

Walk more in readiness for your holiday, and that means pounding the streets a bit with the correct shoes on to see how far you can walk without pain. Try and increase it a little every day as you would be surprised at how much more walking you do when you are away on holiday.

Sleep and rest enough ready for the travel which can drain you if it’s long haul.

Plan your first 24 hours so that you give yourself time to get over the travel which will then help you to enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Research your destination IN FULL.  Look if there are any steps and how many there are to get from a to be. Find out how far away you are from any of the amenities that are available.

One of the most important things to remember before you go away is to make sure you have enough of your medication for the whole trip. I once forgot to pack my Tramadol and was on a cruise and the medic on board could only give me it to me in drops format which frightened me to death as it was so easy to overdose. I have NEVER forgotten them since.

Finally some things to remember for while you travel include your travel pillow, memory foam or whatever suits you best, your flight socks if you are flying to your holiday destination,  and of course your lumber cushion, the latest

 Sciatica Pain Relief Cushion was launched at the recent Back Pain Show in Birmingham with rave reviews.



According to this week’s Daily Mail Good Health section there is a new type of injection which contains a chemical that our body releases during strenuous exercise which could help treat chronic back pain.

Researchers are injecting lactic acid, which causes the painful burning sensation in our muscles, into discs in the spine.

The theory is that lactic acid plumps up the damaged disc to make it stiffer, which means nerves are less likely to get trapped and cause pain.

This job isn’t always easy

The new injection is designed to stiffen the disc in order to prevent future degeneration. It is known as STA-363, and is given as a single jab into the damaged disc which will then hopefully trigger the production of more connective tissue and collagen, to make the disc stiff but strong.

That, says the developer Stayble Therapeutics will make the disc more stable and won’t compress any nerves as they are no longer able to grow into the repaired disc.

In a new study at the Stockholm Spine Center in Sweden, 15 patients will be given one of three doses of the lactic acid jab, or a placebo.

Watch this space for more information on this as the new studies go ahead.



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