Lee from The Fibro Blogger Directory wrote a post on Facebook asking us all to think about writing a thank you post to a doctor or health person that has looked after us.

I knew straight away that I wanted to thank my Pain Consultant a Dr.Gregory Hobbs at Circle Nottingham Hospital, Queens Medical, Nottingham.

Dr. Hobbs has been looking after me for over 10 years now. I was sent to see him after a previous injection I’d had went a bit wrong and I needed resuscitating. It left me quite traumatised and anxious about having any further injections but Dr. Hobbs slowly introduced me initially to acupuncture and dry needling, and then onto trigger point injections and then facet joint injections to name a few. All to help ease my pain.

Whenever I had a flare up he would fit me in and would always go above and beyond to find a way to help calm things down. In all the years he has treated me I have had the same great care and concern from him and his team at Circle Nottingham Hospital.

I saw him only a couple of weeks ago for some more injections and told him that I would soon be moving to Brighton, a long way from Nottingham and I was obviously quite anxious about who I would see and what sort of treatment they will offer me. He soon wrote down the name of a pain consultant in Brighton whom he said would give me the same sort of treatments he gives me.

Thank you once again to the amazing NHS, Dr. Hobbs and his team at Circle Nottingham Hospital.



Tim Everett owner of The Bad Back Company approached me at a health event recently and asked me if I would be interested in writing a regular post on his Specialist Blog about A Day in the life of a Back Pain Sufferer‘.

Of course I said I’d be delighted to write for him. This is the link to my first introductory post which will lead onto my regular slot which I hope some of my readers will enjoy.

Tim is a practicing osteopath for over 20 years, and he recognised products that can assist with pain relief and injury recovery. He has a team of specialists whom he works closely with to ensure they have a large range of products for different conditions on his website, The Bad Back Company.


If you practice mindful breathing even just for a few minutes, this can help ease some of your pain.

The book, Every Breath You Take: How To Breath Your Way To A Mindful Life by Rose Elliot’s has all the techniques to help you practice the way to breath better.

Rose will help you observe and open your awareness to your breathing with 16 accessible mindful breathing exercises like how to sit quietly with your spine straight and your eyes closed. How to sit quietly, concentrating on one mindful breath after another. Feel peace and strength that this brings abc realise that, in this moment, all is well.

The Buddhist Centre explains that the simple discipline of concentration brings us back to the present moment and all the richness of experience that it contains. It is a way to develop mindfulness, the faculty of alert and sensitive awareness.


We all suffer from a drop in energy levels from time to time but people who suffer from Fibromyalgia/ME and other chronic pain conditions seem to suffer much more.

I find my drop in energy levels extremely difficult to deal with from time to time as it always seems to pick the worst time for it to suddenly hit me.

1. They say that certain essential oils can change our emotions and energy levels so knowing which oils to try can be a real tonic. Ginger can aid tired muscles, Rosemary can help your memory and can ease morning stiffness. Grapefruit is like sunshine in a bottle and mixed as a shower gel or bath oil will instantly lift your mood and energy level.

2. We all know that having some caffeine can give you a boost but did you know that drinking a glass of water with some ice cubes in it can also give you an energy boost.

3. The herb Siberian ginseng can help you cope with stress and give you a boost in energy. If you minimise lifestyle related stress then this could increase your energy levels.

4. Matcha is now called the creative superfood as it combines potent antioxidants with caffeine and an amino acid called L-theanine which can help to calm the mind and clear your thoughts. The health benefits of Matcha green tea have been known for years and years. The Chinese use it for a number of medicinal illnesses. In 1191, a Buddhist monk who wrote in The Book of Tea that green tea could prevent fatigue, quell indigestion and improve concentration.

5. A bad nights sleep can also leave you feeling exhausted and tired. In India, milk warmed with powdered ashwagandha and honey is used as a calming drink before sleep to ensure you sleep better and have more energy the following day.

6. An obvious one to most I am sure is to stop smoking. It can reduce the efficiency of your lungs and that makes you feel tired. So quitting is brained really with all the other conditions you can develop through it.


I have written a lot about aromatherapy oils used in an aromatherapy massage as I really think it helps relax your muscles and the pain of Fibromyalgia.

I personally use Lavender oil to mix with a hand cream as I find just rubbing my hands with it before I go to sleep very therapeutic but I did not appreciate how some oils are not suitable for certain conditions.

The infographic below from Pinterest shows you in detail which ones to avoid if you have certain medical conditions.