Everyone wants happiness, no-one wants pain,But you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain...

Everyone wants happiness.

No one wants, pain.

But you can’t have a rainbow,

without a little rain…




MS Awareness Week started April 25th – May 1st . For the latest news and updates on MS, sign up for their Newsletter ‘Open Door’. The MS Trust publishes a free quarterly newsletter called Open Door, for people with multiple sclerosis, their family and friends and supporters of the MS Trust. In addition, we circulate a range of e-newsletters connected to our work including MS research updates, news alerts, and fundraising information.

In a recent article MS they said that specialist services are facing big challenges. They said they want to shape a fair future, where everyone affected by MS can access the specialist care that works for them. This MS Awareness Week they want to highlight these challenges.

Four ways to get involved are by joining their campaign, support their work, help spread the word or be bold in blue.

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Soon got my epidural – sooooooooooo ready for it

I just love Christmas but boy it doesn’t half take it out of you, especially with this cold weather. Very pretty but not ideal for people with muscle problems.

It’s snowed like mad here today so I haven’t moved an inch and we were supposed to be going over to my Dad’s in Manchester to take prezzies and cards etc tomorrow but with the state of the roads I’m going to send it by Royal Mail Special Delivery instead. I will miss seeing Dad but he’s coming to stay with me after Christmas so just as long as he gets my gifts then that’s all that matters.

I had some bad news sent my way last week – the local newspaper which I write for has made me redundant with a few other local freelance writers. It’s one that comes out once a week and isn’t a big earner or anything like that but with it happening just before Christmas it made it feel much worse but I have been overwhelmed with emails from my contacts. Ah well c’est la vie as they say. You never know I might actually finish my book I’m writing now I have no other writing commitments.

I’ve got my epidural on Tuesday so I’ve overdone it a bit this week trying to get everything finished so that I will rest on Wednesday ready to enjoy Christmas and I must admit I feel really organized (for a change).

Well, I’m just about to type up my final article for the local paper so I had better get on with it and see what the wind blows my way in 2010. Take care everyone.

Swine Flu Vaccination – what awful side effects

Hi all,

I’m sorry I haven’t been here for a few weeks but I’ve had a trying time over the last couple of weeks helping my daughter get over some surgery she had to have but I felt quite proud of myself on Tuesday when I left to come home. At the end of the day I’m a middle aged lady and left my daughter early evening to get on a bus on my own to the tube to get the tube on my own to St. Pancras International to get on the train on my own home !!! Did I do well or what? The most important thing of course was that my daughter got better soon and nothing would have kept me away from helping her when she needed me most.

When I got home I had an appointment with the nurse at my doctors for a swine flu vaccination which my Doctor felt I needed, so, off I popped for the jab in the arm which of course was nothing but I was in no way prepared for the side effects of the injection after having had numerous other flu vaccinations without any problems.

The first thing that started to bother me was my arm which went as stiff as a board so bad that I couldn’t even lift it up and then I was woken in the night with what felt like every muscle in my body aching and in pain. I’d had my usual concoction of drugs before I went to bed and so when the pain woke me up all I could take was Paracetamol which didn’t touch it. I made every effort to get up and get ready to take my dog for her morning walk but I found the wind outside too painful so came back and went straight back to bed.

The pain go no easier but got so bad that my husband started to get a bit worried and told me to try and find out if it was normal to suffer so badly from the injection.

I decided the best thing to do was to go on the Internet to find out what the side effects of the vaccination were and everything I was suffering from were listed so our feeling of anxiety soon left us and I realized it would soon be over.

After another restless night I felt tons better this morning although far from 100% yet but after suffering what I can only presume was a taste of the real flu, I am just so pleased I had the vaccination done.

I’ve got my epidural a week on Tuesday and just feel grateful for another few days to get over this before having another needle stuck in me !!

Well I hope your all well and nearly ready for the Christmas fun. I’ll be back before then though, take care all.

Epidural in my lumber spine before Christmas – yipeeee!!

I am soooooooo chuffed today as my pain consultants secretary rang me last night to say they can fit me in for a lumber epidural on the 22nd December – how perfect is that for Christmas. I thought they had forgotten me it is so long since the pain clinic had phoned but it was mainly because there is only one consultant who will do my epidural.

My Doc also sent me a letter to tell me to come for the Tami Flu injection which I am having next week as for the past three years I’ve had terrible chest infections and cough and twice sent my disc out in my thoracic spine through coughing, so I feel everyone is looking out for me at the moment.

I’m hoping it will mean the first Christmas in years that I have not been down with flu or in agony with back pain. Yipeeeee, Yipeeee, Yipeee :crazy:

You have no idea, unless your in constant pain like me how such a couple of Hospital visits for these can make you so happy, especially when you know it helps so much. The only unfortunate thing with my epidural is it is lasting less and less as time goes by but will definitely be great for me over Christmas and New Year.

Just had to let you know as I’m on cloud nine at the moment :wave: