1. Treat yourself ( you deserve it) 
  2. Have a facial
  3. Have a massage
  4. Buy yourself a new outfit
  5. Paint your fingernails
  6. Have a bubble bath
  7. Have your haircut and restyled
  8. Hug your favourite person
  9. Eat your favourite food
  10. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers
  11. Tell someone you love them
  12. Hug a tree


www.healthboards.com, www.painsupport.co.uk – forums & www.electronichealing.co.uk heat lamp

Hi – well, another nice day today and a nice week to look forward to if the forecasts are right. I’ve had a really lazy day today after quite a good walk this morning which seemed to exhaust me, but the nerve pain has settled down again now – thank goodness.

I’ve been surfing the net (just by way of a change )and after leaving a message on the american http://www.healthboards.com I received a reply from someone who has been through some very similar operations to me so it pays to surf as its much easier moaning to someone in another country instead of boring the family to death!!!of course the other one which I use a lot is the UK one which is http://www.painsupport.co.uk which I have mentioned before has an excellent discussion forum.

I don’t know if your like me but the more you read about your problems the easier it gets to understand and the support from other sufferers stops you from feeling alone. I’ve also benefitted from pain relief treatments before and came across one that I have not seen before called “Electronic Healing” http://www.electronichealing.co.uk – The Far-Infrared Mineral Therapy lamp is an FDA approved healing lamp which it says is a highly effective pain relief device, with no harmful side effects. Natural, safe, recommended for the relief of muscular pain, sore muscles, arthritis, bursitis, backache, tennis elbow and joint pain. It’s quite expensive at £175 but if it helps its worth every penny and I just wondered if anyone else had tried this for pain relief?

I do find heat pads and hot water bottles very soothing but you feel that heat and I just wondered how a lamp would work? Anyway, maybe I will hear from someone about this. I’ll be back again soon and thanks again to all who have sent me lots of different ideas to help with my back pain via this blog, I do appreciate it.

ThermaCare heatwraps on offer at Lloyds Pharmacy

If your like me and your find heat beneficial for pain relief then you should pop into Lloyds Pharmacy while they have ThermaCare heat wraps on offer with a generous £1.50 off. I bought mine in Mansfield, Nottingham but I have looked on the internet and it seems to be throughout the group.

I am convinced that heat doesn’t just provide comfort and have a placebo effect. I think it actually deactivates the pain in much the same way as painkillers do. Even in ancient civilization it was recorded on stone that treatments used for pain were pressure, heat, water and sun. When I was younger I suffered badly with period pains and my Mum would always give me a hot water bottle to put on my stomach to ease the pain.

According to the BBC News Channel 5/7/06 “Researchers for the University College London used DNA technology to monitor heat and pain receptors within cells. They say temperature over 40c (104f) switch on internal heat receptors which block the effect of chemical messengers that cause the body to detect pain”.

I personally benefit from the ThermaCare wraps for when I am travelling or going through a bad patch with my pain, its certainly always worth having some in your cupboard.