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Relax Back UK have put together some Back Pain Awareness Shows for Backcare Awareness Week.

How to Avoid Back Pain in The First Place on the Relax Back Show on UK Health Radio

What To Do if You Are Struck Down With Back Pain

What Corporates Can Do To Help Keep Staff Free of Musculoskeletal Issues

The Relaxback UK show is weekly and has the objective to inform and entertain listeners on a variety of health related topics but often majoring on musculoskeletal health.

Mike Dilke the presenter does not have a medical background but has become knowledgeable and is not afraid of asking searching questions of his guests. He seeks out experts to inform and entertain the listeners.

Listen in and you will find out something useful that you did not know. If you don’t you will hopefully be made to smile or even laugh at some light hearted moments or even one of the host’s rants! 

There is lots more to listen to on the UK Health Radio as well as Health Triangle Magazine you can read which is full of interesting articles.

If you have a health topic that you would like to be covered please do contact Mike via email at mike@relaxbackuk.com