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This is a copy of the ‘original’ blog post I wrote on the myths and facts on how to deal with Back Pain back in January 2011, and nothing much has changed since then !!!!!

Always sit up straight to prevent back pain.

Slouching is bad but sitting too straight and too still for too long can be a strain on your back. Move around often and walk around.

Lifting heavy objects hurts your back.

It’s the way you lift it that can cause back pain. Always bend your knees with legs slightly apart.

Stay in bed until your back pain goes away.

Resting can help an acute injury or strain but a day or two in bed can make your back pain worse.

Back pain is always caused by an injury.

Disc degeneration, injuries, diseases, infections and even inherited conditions can cause back pain.

Skinny people don’t get back pain.

Anyone can get back pain.

Exercise is bad for your back.

Regular exercise prevents back pain.

A super firm mattress is best for your back.

A medium to firm mattress rated as 5.6 gave less pain than firmer ones rated 2.3.



Essential oils have been used throughout history for relaxation purposes. Healing anxiety, releasing the tension from our bodies and minds and getting a good night’s sleep is possible when using essential oils.

Aroma Diffusers UK  have a massive choice of diffusers but my favourite one is the Enso Black Aroma Diffuser. The ENSO Black , Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers at MadeByZen. It offers Pure Elegance with its unique, elegant design. Which is now available with attractive Black base and Blue lights or Black base and White light option.


#Health Best Reviews  search the Internet for the best health and personal care products in each category and do comparison reviews.




One of their latest reviews was on the Best Diffuser for Essential Oils. Essential oils have been used throughout history for relaxation purposes. Healing anxiety, releasing the tension from our bodies and minds and getting a good night’s sleep is possible when using essential oils.

With such a massive choice of diffusers to choose from it’s hard to decide which one is the best but Health Best Reviews have made QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy as one of their top choice and say, ‘it’s an essential oil diffuser that has an unusual design is what you need if you are planning to give the room a different style. This gorgeous device has a capacity of 200 ml and can cover areas of up to 300 square feet. It can run for up to 10 hours and it uses minimum energy.

It shuts-off automatically when the tank is empty and it can be set up by simply pressing one of the two buttons it has in the front. It costs around $60 and it can be bought in grey, green, orange or rose.



Space background for Your design

This brilliant site Fed Up with Fatigue has this list of 12 bloggers who shared their best tips for reducing symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Top of the list is Sarah Borien from A Life Less Physical who emphasizes that for her ‘Heat,heat and more heat, it’s simple easy and inexpensive’. As I am sure you will have seen from my other posts heat is by far the first port of call I use when I am having a bad day.

Donna Grant from February Stars said ‘Stop pushing yourself beyond your limitations’.

Donna Gregory from Fed up with Fatigue said ‘Finding a doctor who understands and cleaning up her diet’, helped her.

Kristine Kersting from A Life Well Read said ‘Getting eight hours sleep or at least and finding ways to make sure I get 4 -5 hours of uninterrupted sleep’.

Rachael Korinek from Any Treatment.com said ‘Meeting up with other patients online for their take on different treatments that helped’.

Kim Penix from Grace is Sufficient said ‘Reducing stress’ works for her.

Julie Ryan from Counting my Spoons said ‘Removing gluten and avoiding processed foods’, worked wonders for her.

Stella Bernadi from FMS e News said ‘Helping other people and knitting’.

Kirsten Schultz from Not Standing Still’s Disease said ‘Going gluten free and the drug Lyrica’ was her lifesaver.

Tami Stackelhouse from Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute and My Restored Health said ‘Show yourself the same kind of care you would give a loved one’.

Melissa Swanson from Fibro Warriors – Living Life said ‘Find out what treatments work best for yourself’.

Melissa Reynolds from Confessions of a Fibro Mama said ‘Looks after yourself holistically’.

Everyone of the above blogs are well worth a visit.





Sciatica pain is a real pain in the bum, literally. It is caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. 

It can be totally debilitating and hard to manage. It can come and go and has no rhyme nor reason why it seems to stay longer than normal on some occasions.

I’ve had sciatica problems for a number of years and have regular injections into the gluteus maximus muscle about three times a year which seems to help keep it at bay.


Some people can end up having lumber surgery if it does not settle down as it can start to cause other problems like pins and needles down your leg and into your foot.

The gluteus maximus is the strongest and biggest muscle in the body. The gluteus maximus is not only a hip extensor but also plays an important role in pelvic and spinal stabilisation.

Mine has flared up at the moment but my injections are not due for another couple of weeks and apart from taking the usual medications I find heat is my greatest healer.

I have a small electric heat pad made by Dreamland which is available on their website or on Amazon for £29.99.


I’ve had mine for a number of years and is extremely portable. I take it whenever I go away as a change of bed can soon trigger back pain. I can use it anywhere in the world and is light so easy to pop into your hand luggage.


Foot Pain

Apart from the pain from disc pain many sufferers also have problems with their feet. Pain from arthritis, pain from a disc, pain from plantar fasciitis is common and these orthotic insoles are known for helping this type of pain. Any type of back pain relief to someone in severe pain can only be an advantage.

Foot Orthotic Insoles are contoured to improve the foot to function correctly and eliminate pain.They are designed to support and help re-align an over pronating foot, which is the main cause of many foot conditions including Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Painful Arches, Shin Splints, Over Pronation, Ankle Pain, Heel Spurs, Morton’s Neuroma, Bunions, Metatarsalgia, Aching Legs, Knee Pain and Lower Back problems.

The full length Version are designed for shoes, trainers and boots which feature removable insoles. They can also be trimmed with scissors to fit the shoe, should they be too long.

Foot Insoles