Back Pain1

This app is free, simple to use, and suitable for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. It provides information on all aspects of back care, to help people with back pain.

The app is called Back Care – for Back Pain and Bad Backs – and is available from the Apple App Store.

It has basic facts about caring for your back and how to avoid injuring it, with illustrated exercises shown on screen and videos showing the correct way to do them. The 22 videos show simple exercises, ranging from arm and leg extensions to neck and shoulder stretches. There are factsheets for cyclists, motorists, and office workers, giving advice on how to avoid back pain.

In addition, another useful section called “Me and My Back” allows people to keep a diary of their back pain, showing the areas affected and the level of pain. The data is saved and can be sent to the user’s email address or sent to a practitioner of their choice prior to an appointment.
The app is free but the charity hopes customers will make a donation to help BackCare, as the charity runs entirely on voluntary contributions,

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