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Here are 21 ways to distract yourself from chronic pain. If only one of these techniques from this infographic helped you from chronic pain I would be really happy.

Do let me know if any of these have helped you.

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With summer well and truly here making sure that you are able to stay active, do the things you love and create great memories with friends and family is key. Back Pain affects 7/10 people in the UK and although it is such a common occurrence there are only two options.

Spend a lot of money heading to an osteopath or head down the medicinal route which only masks the pain. Lower Back Pain Relief is something that needs to be tailored to each person, lifestyles are different, the activities a person does are different and what works for one person may not work for the other. This post is here to educate and inform readers of an alternative treatment that is  out there.

Backpain.online is a new platform that aims at reducing the costs people spend on treating back pain. It is run by Graeme and Toby who combined have over 25 years of experience as Osteopaths and run an Osteopathy Clininc in Ascot – their main aim when setting up back pain online was to relay their years of experience to members at a fraction of the cost.

Their solution is to create a hub of 100s of videos that members can access. Once you have filled in the E Consultation form you will then have a tailored video path for you to work through. The videos cover three main areas: education, advice and rehabilitation, all of which are aimed at improving lower back pain and improving mobility. The platform offers users access to an information hub and there is the option to try the product for 7 days free of charge.

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Five important points to remember to avoid #backpain when redesigning at home:-

Benchtop height – Low benchtops are a common cause of #backpain so it’s best to plan a bench height that is most pleasant for the main cook in the kitchen. Bench heights of 900mm to 950mm are most common.

If you have a laptop, consider putting it on a stand to adjust the height. • Check the lumbar support of your chair. Add a pillow or get a new chair if you have been experiencing lower #backpain. Invest in a few cushy pads to keep your wrists elevated as you type and use the mouse, especially if you spend a lot of time at the computer.

Mind your head – Leaning over your desk to reach up for a heavy object above shoulder height is a common culprit for many people’s #backpain, especially if they have been sitting at a desk for long periods first. A gentle stretch is beneficial, but a strain is most definitely not. We can’t always dictate where our shelving and storage is positioned and in many smaller home offices there are few other options.
asymmetry of photos vs symmetry of desk.

For anyone 5’8″ or less, a range’s ovens should be just fine with a little bend of the legs. For some, the commercial look of a range is worth the stooping and #backpain. If you’re considering paying Viking prices, consider higher performance options from Capital Culinarian or Bluestar’s RNB series, a little less expensive than Viking.

Think of the chair you will be sitting in at your desk – Mercado Office Chair with Mesh Back & Lumbar Panel