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Back Pain Blog has been nominated for two awards from WEGO Health, Best in Blog Show and Best in Show Facebook. I would love you to support me and endorse me for either of the above nominations. You simply pop over to my Profile Page and click on the thumbs up sign next to each nomination. I feel honoured to be nominated for Best in Blog Show and Best in Show Facebook.

Endorsements are open for the 9th annual WEGO Health Awards. Endorsements were created to give community members the chance to share their perspectives and support on who the top patient leaders truly are.

So WEGO Health invite you to browse the WEGO Health Awards nominee directory and start endorsing the patient leaders you believe deserve to be recognized!

WEGO Health day “join them and help celebrate the inspiring and impactful nominees. Feel good while honoring these Patient Leaders and then join in on the festivities. If you know someone who deserves any of the awards at WEGO Health then pop down to their website and nominate someone and make their day. If you think I am worthy of this award I would be delighted if you could endorse me. Just click on this Wego Health link and click on the thumbs-up sign.” Thank You.

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Are you an unsung hero of the natural world or do you know someone else who is an unsung hero? UK Health Radio are on the look out for outstanding contributors for their unsung hero awards. Voting is open until 30th June so if you know someone who deserves to be included in this then click on this link to vote for them.

UK Health Radio wishes to recognise Outstanding Achievement in the areas we cover every day. These Awards are for all Unsung Heroes who are making a very real difference – perhaps behind the scenes! Perhaps in a supporting role to the more familiar“face” of the brand or the spokes-person of the company or organisation.

This Unsung Hero might also be someone who  is unfamiliar to the industry as a whole but is still someone who works away diligently and effectively – under the radar – perhaps sourcing or researching facts, developing ethical procedures or innovative new products.

You qualify for consideration for an Unsung Hero Award if your efforts can be described as making an Outstanding Contribution to: Health, Wellbeing or Quality of Life.