My computer crashed OMG I was in total panic

88|My computer crashed on me last night after spending quite a long time setting up a “Fighting Chronic Pain” group on the Wellsphere website and I felt as if I’d had my left arm taken off. :??:

I could hardly sleep worrying about how I could manage until it got fixed and realised just how much I am online and use my little laptop. Its always near me as I can even use it lying down my putting it on a cushion. Being secretary trained I never have to look at the keys so its very easy for me. I just can’t tell you how I felt. Awful wasn’t in it.

Anyway I spoke to my son this morning and he said try rebooting it which I did last night and nothing happened but this time its come back on again – phew !!! what a relief, and what a buzz I got when I saw how many people had left comments on different posts. This is soooooo therapeutic you have no idea. Trouble is I just can’t understand people who don’t enjoy being online and either writing or finding out anything you could possibly think of. Am I sad or what?

Well now that I know its all ok again I guess I ought to wash the breakfast dishes and get some food in for the weekend then I can get back and settle down with my laptop later …….:DD

Nerve pain in my foot from my back?

I’m here to have a moan. I’m sick to death of my terrible neck pain which restricks everything I do and although I am normally good at dealing with it, I just felt like a moan. I decided this week to do a little bit of painting in the kitchen and to take my time with it, well it has taken me all week just to do the lower half of one wall as when the neck pain comes on I have to stop work immediately which I presume is from the bone spur or my thoracic prolapses as the pain is in between my shoulders going up my neck and it even puts my neck in spasm so I cannot move it. I still carried on having rests and taking more meds as I was enjoying the actual painting having not done any for years and just tried to not get toooooooooo frustrated every time the pain came on. Eventually I finished it and can sit back and admire my work, the only trouble is that I now have a terrible pain in my 2nd toe and the outside of my foot which looking at the Dermatone charts is coming from my neck. So basically I’m just a bit fed up with the pain and thought I would moan on here instead of boring my other half with it. The frustrating thing is that I love doing little jobs in the house, its a woman thing I suppose and before I do anything I have to ask myself how much I may suffer by doing it or how much it might wear me out.And although I know about pain management inside and out and HAVE to pace myself on a daily basis just to get through,I still sometimes just want to have a go due to total boredom and repatition of not doing something different. Well I now wonder if it was really worth it as now I can see lots of other bits in the house that need a coat of paint and with the recession in full swing at the moment, paying for someone else to do the job is at the bottom of the list. I’m having a 6 week course of Electro-Acupuncture starting in June at my local pain clinic and I know will feel well enough to do some work after my treatment but have a question for my acupucuturist about this – will I ruin a 6 week course of it by then trying to do some painting in the house immediately after the course has finished? I’ve been searching the internet pain forums to see if anyone else suffers from toe pain and also has a bad back but cannot find anything so I do hope to God that it isn’t another problem starting. If anyone out there does know if this is related I would love to hear from you. Well, thats my moaning over and done with. What another glorious day of sunshine today – shame about the wind but I guess that typical British Weather. Until next time……….