Swine Flu Vaccination – what awful side effects

Hi all,

I’m sorry I haven’t been here for a few weeks but I’ve had a trying time over the last couple of weeks helping my daughter get over some surgery she had to have but I felt quite proud of myself on Tuesday when I left to come home. At the end of the day I’m a middle aged lady and left my daughter early evening to get on a bus on my own to the tube to get the tube on my own to St. Pancras International to get on the train on my own home !!! Did I do well or what? The most important thing of course was that my daughter got better soon and nothing would have kept me away from helping her when she needed me most.

When I got home I had an appointment with the nurse at my doctors for a swine flu vaccination which my Doctor felt I needed, so, off I popped for the jab in the arm which of course was nothing but I was in no way prepared for the side effects of the injection after having had numerous other flu vaccinations without any problems.

The first thing that started to bother me was my arm which went as stiff as a board so bad that I couldn’t even lift it up and then I was woken in the night with what felt like every muscle in my body aching and in pain. I’d had my usual concoction of drugs before I went to bed and so when the pain woke me up all I could take was Paracetamol which didn’t touch it. I made every effort to get up and get ready to take my dog for her morning walk but I found the wind outside too painful so came back and went straight back to bed.

The pain go no easier but got so bad that my husband started to get a bit worried and told me to try and find out if it was normal to suffer so badly from the injection.

I decided the best thing to do was to go on the Internet to find out what the side effects of the vaccination were and everything I was suffering from were listed so our feeling of anxiety soon left us and I realized it would soon be over.

After another restless night I felt tons better this morning although far from 100% yet but after suffering what I can only presume was a taste of the real flu, I am just so pleased I had the vaccination done.

I’ve got my epidural a week on Tuesday and just feel grateful for another few days to get over this before having another needle stuck in me !!

Well I hope your all well and nearly ready for the Christmas fun. I’ll be back before then though, take care all.


Epidural in my lumber spine before Christmas – yipeeee!!

I am soooooooo chuffed today as my pain consultants secretary rang me last night to say they can fit me in for a lumber epidural on the 22nd December – how perfect is that for Christmas. I thought they had forgotten me it is so long since the pain clinic had phoned but it was mainly because there is only one consultant who will do my epidural.

My Doc also sent me a letter to tell me to come for the Tami Flu injection which I am having next week as for the past three years I’ve had terrible chest infections and cough and twice sent my disc out in my thoracic spine through coughing, so I feel everyone is looking out for me at the moment.

I’m hoping it will mean the first Christmas in years that I have not been down with flu or in agony with back pain. Yipeeeee, Yipeeee, Yipeee :crazy:

You have no idea, unless your in constant pain like me how such a couple of Hospital visits for these can make you so happy, especially when you know it helps so much. The only unfortunate thing with my epidural is it is lasting less and less as time goes by but will definitely be great for me over Christmas and New Year.

Just had to let you know as I’m on cloud nine at the moment :wave:

I have completely overdone it yesterday and today!

I have completely overdone things today and yesterday – just by way of a change. I’d noticed the Debenhams 25% sale and I’m not one to miss a bargain so my other half and I trotted of to town yesterday to get some bargains and some Christmas presents. Well you know what us women are like once we get into a department store with lots of goodies to buy …………
the rest is history. But, instead of being very sensible and going straight to bed when I got home I was on such a roll with my endorphines well and truly kicked in, that I decided to finish making my Christmas cards.

Big mistake ! – my neck went into such spasm that I just couldn’t look in any direction and it felt like someone was sticking a knife in my neck. My other half was a bit cross with me but got me lay down with a heat pad on my neck and took my laptop from me and anything else I could reach and made me rest. It eventually went as it always does but it did do me in a bit and I needed the pain to go away for today as I had a coffee morning planned at my house for the ladies group with some stall holders selling Christmas goodies ( yes, more – I’m nearly done now).

Anyway, I woke up feeling the usual (rough) but once the medications kicked in I was ready for the mad house which it certainly was. The last person left at 2ish and by the time I’d tidied up it was three and I nearly ran upstairs to bed and slept until my husband (who I’d sent out to look for my xmas prezzy) brought me a cuppa up to bed at 5ish.

I know I’ve said it before but it is just such a bind that bells ring when its too late and to have a brain and mind that want to do everything at full throttle. As my husband always says to me “you just NEVER learn, do you”? I think I just have a mental block of how bad the pain can be – either that or I’ve lost the plot lol ! I think its that really.

I’m now watching the fantastic Children in Need concert at the Royal Albert Hall on the box, which is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face – I think it’s absolutely brilliant and have always supported such a worthy charity.

Until next time friends, I will try and not be toooooooooooooo naughty tomorrow (but I can’t promise you) lol.

Spinal Surgery, Haemorrhoids Surgery – is it the answer?

Nearly every week in the Mail Health Pages there is another article on a spinal operation to cure all back pain but everyone that I read seems to be only suitable for people with new spinal injury’s and not for people like myself who have had surgery after surgery and back pain for the last 20 + years.

The one in the Mail today was about how a prosthetic neck joint called Prestige ( a surgical wedge) was placed in the spine to replace the bulging disc which in this case was in the patients neck ( same as mine) and although the surgery was still quite big in that they have to cut under your chin to move the windpipe to one side. The devise has undergone rigorous testing in America ( just by way of a change) and it has shown that people are in far less pain after this type of surgery. The surgeon was a Professor Steven Gill at Bristol’s Frenchay Hospital.

I’m not frightened of having surgery, I just won’t go through with it until I find the right one for me and I know that could take years but its amazing how fast things are advancing in that type of surgery. Deciding which area of my spine to tackle first will be the biggest problem for me as my bulges are in my cervical, thoracic and lumber and some eighteen years ago a top spinal specialist said that he thought the only option would be fusion from top to bottom but my movement would be very limited !!

Of course, the trouble with leaving these sort of decisions can mean that you have other problems to deal with, for instance haemorrhoids, which I’m sure I will not be alone in suffering from this because of the side effect of the pain and other medications you take.

I’ve already had surgery once for this problem but it was so painful that I said I would never go through that again. But again in the health section of the Mail an article was written a couple of weeks ago on the latest surgery for this type of problem which leaves you with NO pain after surgery – amazing or what.

So, I guess I just have to be a bit more patient and see if they come up with a spinal surgery that is pretty painless as well. You never know miracles do happen.:**:

My dog hates FIREWORKS

I had a terrible night with my back last night but also felt as though everything was hurting. My husband knocked me by accident in bed and I could have screamed but I guess its the weather thats irritating my Fibromyalgia at the moment, so it will settle down again.

I got up and felt so lousy but still had my feeling in my foot and took my usual medications with my first cup of tea then after my shower went for my usual walk with my small dog Bess but I had to turn back after just a short time as I knew I couldn’t make it.

One minute my other half saw me struggling behind as he walked ahead to the paper shop and then next minute I’d disappeared !!!! lol

Normally I pick up when I get home as the walk seems to help to kick my endorphines in but today the only thing that kicked in was pain so I just went to bed and slept and slept and slept and got up this afternoon feeling a bit better.

I’ve sat with my grey toy poodle shaking on my knee tonight as she is so frightened of fire works (bless her) but finally she’s settled down. This happens every year and the only trouble is she will refuse the walk in the morning as she thinks another noise is about to come and it usually takes me a few weeks of coaching to get her to enjoy her walk which she normally loves. Its such a shame it has to go on for days and days and I’m out tomorrow night so I will have to leave the radio on loud in the kitchen.

Well that’s it for today, I’m off to start a new book …………….