According to Food Dive, both consumers and manufacturers have been buzzing about including cannabis in food and beverage in the last several years. And with President Trump’s signature on the 2018 Farm Bill, items made from the plants known for their psychoactive and relaxation qualities are getting closer to being a part of everyday grocery carts.

Under the Farm Bill, cultivation of hemp — a plant in the cannabis family — becomes legal. And derivatives from hemp — including the cannabinoid CBD, which is known as an aid for relaxation, anxiety and pain — are no longer considered Schedule I narcotics.

Whatever seems to happen in the USA, Great Britain seems to catch up in the end. On a daily basis now I seem to get in the region of around 20-30 emails promoting CBD and its benefits for health. I’ve been approached by a number of companies asking me if I would be willing to try a course of CBD and then review it. But, I guess I am still old school and I just don’t feel comfortable about trying something I have always been told is illegal in this country.

The Guardian Newspaper only wrote an article in July saying ‘Don’t fall out for the CBD scam’, so where do you really start with this drug? They say that ‘Sellers in the UK are careful not to claim any specific medical benefits for the products because of a lack of clinical evidence, so they are instead marketed as food supplements. In this, they are supported by breathless, uncritical media reports on CBD use for airily unspecified “wellbeing” purposes.

Britain is poorly prepared for the wide-ranging changes to cannabis law that are flowering worldwide. British hemp farmers face serious commercial disadvantage as CBD may be legally extracted only from the stem and leaves of hemp crops, not from the flower, where the cannabinoids are produced in the greatest profusion. Most CBD is therefore imported: a wasted opportunity to create and control – and tax – a new industry.

What is clear is that legal reform on cannabis, while welcome, is not moving anywhere near quickly enough to benefit millions of patients.

The CBD market urgently needs proper regulation and more broadly, both the THC and CBD sectors demand the creation of a new medical model that accommodates the complexity of a plant that has been used as a medicine by humans for thousands of years.

 Mike Power is a freelance journalist specialising in drugs, science and technology

I guess it’s like many other pain relief medications it’s a case of watch and wait and see what happens in the not too distant future.



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According to The Advertiser
a man suffering from a degenerative spinal condition was spared jail yesterday for growing cannabis to relieve his pain.

The man in question, was given a three-year conditional discharge at Teeside Crown Court after admitting to growing cannabis plants.

Police went to search another property in the street in Darlington where the man lived and when they arrived they found the man outside his property where he asked the officers to come in, and sent them upstairs to his set-up of 24 cannabis plants.

He immediately admitted being a user of the drug and told police that it helped with his chronic degenerative spinal pain. He appeared at Darlington Magistrates Court but magistrates felt their sentancing powers were not sufficient and sent the case to the crown court.

He was in receipt of around £800 per month in benefits and used to spend around £200 per month on marijuana, which he found to be a much more effective painkiller then the diamorphine he is prescribed. He then decided to save the money and spent around £1,500 setting up the cannabis farm, which he knew would save him money in the long term.

The court said, “He will not be growing cannabis again, but I think it is clear from the pre-sentence report that he will continue to use it into the future.”

Judge George Moorhouse said: “You have pleaded guilty to a very serious charge. “However, you are suffering from a degenerative spinal condition and, by taking cannabis, your position was made more comfortable.”

He ordered that the cannabis and growing equipment be destroyed.