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Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the naturally occurring chemical compounds derived from cannabis. There is an increasing interest in the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Numerous research studies have made CBD a popular choice in the medicinal sector. 

Out of these, a small body of research suggests that CBD can benefit those suffering from fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is one of those disorders that are difficult to detect. But, once diagnosed, it can be managed successfully. One of the treatment options is the use of CBD.

Fibromyalgia affects nearly 1 in 20 people globally. It is estimated that almost 2.5 million people in the UK suffer from this condition. Many people are using CBD oil for back pain.

In general, pain relievers or antidepressants are used to reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia, but there is a growing belief that CBD can perform the same function. CBD can reduce the pain associated with the condition with minimal side effects and little risk of addiction. 

Without further ado, let’s know more about fibromyalgia and CBD’s potential benefits. Continue reading to also learn about the scientific insights behind the use of CBD for fibromyalgia.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Characterized by long-term pain, fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that can spread throughout the body. Few have termed this condition as ‘fibromyalgia syndrome.’ Surprisingly, there is no cure for this condition, but only the symptoms can be managed.

The causes of the condition vary widely from psychological to physical. The psychological causes include anxiety, PTSD, depression, or any stressful experience. Whereas, the physical causes include sleep deprivation, infections, genetics, and other diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or hypothyroidism.

The common symptoms include increased pain sensitivity, chronic fatigue, stiffness, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), migraines, headaches, insomnia, cognitive challenges, depression, etc. According to reports, women are more likely to be affected by this condition than men.

Typically, one can manage these symptoms by medications, therapy regimes like massage therapy, yoga, and even cognitive behavioral therapy. Now, let’s know more about one of the most recognized treatments — CBD!

How effective is CBD for fibromyalgia?

Research studies have revealed that CBD can help in the management of fibromyalgia. CBD may alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia and change the pain process to improve your quality of life. According to studies CBD interrupts the nerve pathways of the brain that sends signals of pain, in turn, relieving the pain associated with fibromyalgia. There’s more to the research of the use of CBD for symptoms of fibromyalgia.

So, let’s dive into the scientific insights behind the use of CBD for fibromyalgia.● CBD for Fibromyalgia: Pain

Chronic pain is one of the significant characteristics of fibromyalgia. Increased pain sensitivity is the reason that makes people live a miserable life. CBD has potent analgesic properties and the potential to improve the quality of life. 

2019 study observed people with fibromyalgia for six months to analyze the safety and effectiveness of CBD. The study revealed that CBD could be a safe and effective treatment option for fibromyalgia patients. ● CBD for Fibromyalgia: Anxiety and Sleep

People with fibromyalgia have a difficult time sleeping due to pain and discomfort. Lack of sleep can lead to stress, anxiety, and fatigue. CBD gummies for pain have been shown to alleviate insomnia and sleep issues in patients with fibromyalgia. 

One of the studies that determined the effectiveness of CBD in the improvement of sleep and anxiety, revealed that CBD appeared to be better tolerated for anxiety and sleep than routine psychiatric medications.● CBD for Fibromyalgia: Inflammatory Disorders

Inflammation plays an essential role in fibromyalgia. Inflammation aggravates the disease and hampers the overall management of the condition. Studies have found that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can heal the condition. Hence, it alleviates the symptoms of associated inflammatory disorders like metabolic syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis. 

Another study revealed that cannabinoids exhibit the significant potential to be used as a novel anti-inflammatory agent. Cannabinoids suppress the inflammatory response to attenuate disease symptoms.● CBD for Fibromyalgia: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

70% of fibromyalgia patients suffer from IBS. IBS can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression if the pain becomes unbearable and chronic. CBD dosages can help alleviate this unexplainable pain. CBD is known to provide relief from IBS owing to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

A study indicated that CBD unravels a new therapeutic strategy for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. 

To summarize, CBD can effectively reduce pain, improve sleep, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, and similar conditions involving chronic pain.

Final Thoughts

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease, and CBD will not cure it but can only manage the symptoms. Symptoms vary with time and the patient’s condition. Many patients experiment with a combination of therapies to manage the symptoms. 

CBD can be consumed in many ways, including vaping, oil extracts, edibles, and topicals. But it is recommended to consult a medical professional before using it for fibromyalgia. 

Moreover, in the UK, CBD is legal as long as THC content in the product is less than 0.2%, whereas, in the USA, the legal limit for THC is 0.3%. One can experience the benefits of CBD for fibromyalgia, but in case of legal issues, one should stop and consider the risk versus the benefit.

On the contrary, if your doctor approves of a CBD treatment and the product is available in your area, you will be living a much healthier and pain-free life soon enough.

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After briefly writing about CBD oil on my blog I am delighted to include this guest post from Crystal Wilson, Content Strategist-CBD/Health. CBD oil is explained fully and I am sure will be of great interest to my readers.

Are you suffering from chronic back pain and tried all the conventional pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments available? If surgery also does not seem like a viable option, you should consider the next best alternative – using CBD oil for back pain!

According to the WHO, CBD oil may have many therapeutic benefits for people experiencing discomfort and pain. Many animal and preclinical studies have found that CBD oil is beneficial in reducing inflammation, a significant factor in chronic back pain.

A study reveals that CBD interacts with alpha-3 glycine receptors to relieve back pain by reducing the inflammation. CBD oil has shown to combat anxiety and promote sleep. All these properties make CBD oil a promising option for back pain management.

Ready to learn more about how to use CBD oil for back pain relief? Let’s get started!

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What Is CBD Oil?
CBD oil is made from cannabidiol infused in a carrier oil. These oils are mostly medium-chain triglycerides like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or grapeseed oil as they have many health benefits and are easy to digest.

CBD is extracted from the high CBD strain cannabis plants using some solvent. The golden standard for making CBD oil is using CO2 as a solvent where it changes its state from gas to liquid to penetrate the plant and extract cannabinoids from it. Eventually, the CO2 dissipates, leaving a viscous oil extract. Some manufacturers might add flavonoids, phytonutrients, or aromatic components such as essential oils, to their finished products.

How does it work?
CBD oil interacts with our body’s natural endocannabinoid system to inhibit neural transmission in pain pathways. ECS is primarily responsible for regulating the hormonal balance in mind and enhancing anandamide, the pain-regulating compound located in the brain.

CBD releases this compound into the bloodstream in excess by preventing its absorption, which automatically reduces the pain in the body, including back pain. CBD oil reduces body pain through the body’s TRPV1 receptors, which are responsible for functions like controlling inflammation and pain awareness.

Image Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2019/09/11/21/23/cbd-4469987_1280.jpg

Where to Buy CBD Oil?
The market of CBD oils is growing leaps & bounds, and one can easily find these oils. You can buy CBD oils either from online or local dispensaries in your region; however, buying it online gives you access to a vast range of products and attractive deals. Certain online dispensaries like CBD Canada offer carefully tested products at each stage of the process and ensure that only the top quality CBD oils hit their shelves.

How to use CBD OIL for back pain

CBD oils are available as a liquid, capsule, or in the cartridges for vaping purposes. There are many ways to administer CBD oil for pain relief like orally, topically, or sublingually.

  • Oral administration: ·
    ● You can take CBDfx tincture oil either by swallowing the capsules or by adding it to food or beverages. When you ingest CBD oil, it passes through your digestive tract and is metabolized by your liver.
    ● Absorption of CBD oil in the bloodstream can also depend on your food intake. According to a study, supplementing your food with pharmaceutical and dietary fats aids in better and faster absorption of CBD in the bloodstream.
    ● Orally administered CBD oil can interfere with certain drugs and causes drug interactions. So, it’s important to discuss its dosage and its effect on other prescribed medication with your doctor.
    ● Although it is the slowest route for CBD to reach the target pain location, it stays active for the longest time.
  1. Sublingual administration:
    ● You can administer CBD oil under the tongue for quick relief from pain.
    ● The ingredients from oil are absorbed directly and quickly into the bloodstream from capillary-rich areas under the tongue.
    ● The absorption of CBD in the bloodstream is faster than swallowing as it circulates throughout the body without getting metabolized by the liver.
  2. Topical administration:
    ● You can use CBD oil by infusing it in your lotion or directly rubbing on affected pain areas.
    ● This administration is ideal for on the spot treatment and allows the oil to diffuse across your skin to targets, like pain-perceiving nerves, inflammatory cells, and muscles.
    ● According to an article published in the European Journal of Pain, CBD oil’s topical administration is more effective than the sublingual method.
    Every method of administration is influenced by various factors and varies from person to person. Therefore, there cannot be one specific dose for everyone. For some people, even the lower dose does the trick. So, it is advisable to start with a small dose and then increase gradually only if needed.
    Please note that there might not be adequate receptors in your body for individuals who have never used CBD products before, and it might take a few days for it to start working.
    How to determine the quality of CBD Oil?
    If you are going to use a product for your well-being, its quality is of paramount importance. The following checklist can help you buy the highest quality CBD oil for back pain:
    ● The source of CBD is extremely crucial as the cannabis plants are bio accumulators and absorb every substance, whether good or bad, from the soil.
    ● Another crucial factor to consider before buying CBD oil for back pain is the potency, and higher strength doesn’t always mean the oil will work better.
    ● The extraction process, along with solvents, profoundly impacts the quality of the final product. There are many extraction methods, but you should avoid the product that is extracted using butane as a solvent.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Back Pain
● A natural product with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
● Muscle relaxant, which helps in reducing insomnia and stress.
● Lower risk of overdose and has a negligible effect on behavior at higher doses.
● No evidence of withdrawal symptoms and a lesser risk of addiction.
● It can help in the reduction of neuropathic pain resulting from metabolic disorders.

Final Thoughts
CBD oil comes with plenty of health benefits owing to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antidepressant properties. It can help you manage your back pain safely and naturally, but it is vital only to use high-quality CBD oil that comes from reputable manufacturers and sellers.
You should consult with your doctor for information regarding dosage and drug interaction to avoid any side effects.

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CBD… what is it all about?

Every-time you pick up a paper or turn on your laptop, an advert for CBD will pop up somewhere.

So, what is all the hype about CBD and how can it help someone in pain?

CBD is short for can.na.bid.i.ol Cannabidiol, which is a natural extract of the hemp plant that is both legal and non-intoxicating.

I must admit I was a bit confused and just assumed it was the same as marijuana (weed) which some people have legally taken it for pain. It promises to help with chronic pain relief, sleep disorders, and anxiety.

It is a chemical compound taken from the cannabis Sativa plant (marijuana) but unlike the primary psychoactive element in marijuana (which gives you a high) CBD is non-psychoactive, so there is no ‘high’ and is also legal in the UK. The cannabis family has several different breeds. Hemp and marijuana are two varieties of this plant, and hemp has been grown for food, fabric, and medicine since 8000 BC.

CBD works by boosting the body’s use of its endocannabinoid system, which regulates things like your appetite, pain, mood, and memory. It can slow the way some other drugs are metabolized so it is advised that you get your GP involved with your trial of CBD. You can buy CBD in oral drops that are available from Grass & Co (covered later in the post) and many other reputable retailers.

black logo

You can have it as a drink – AVER Boost CBD drink (ginger and lemon sparkling water) has the highest content of CBD (25ml/250ml per can) which sells for £3.75 from Aver London.

You can have it in a bath bomb ‘Green Stem Sandalwood Lavender & Jasmine CBD Bath Bomb is available from Green Stem CBD products and you just drop it into your bath as part of your nighttime routine. It costs £15

Green Stem CBD Bath Bomb 100mg

You can have it as a lip balm to soothe, soften and replenish dry lips from Holland and Barrett at £3.49.

Ambience CBD Infused Lip Balm

There are Bath Melts from Kloris which is a 50mg Limited Edition CBD Bath Melts at £20. They are not like your average bath melt but contain a potent 50mg dose of CBD, and are designed to be smoothed directly onto wet skin to maximise absorption. They are blended with cocoa butter to moisturise and fragranced with an uplifting aroma of yland-ylang and bergamot.

50mg CBD Bath Melts

You can buy it in body oils and muscle blams from Grass & Co – great for massaging aching joints and sore muscles. This is absorbed through the skin into your system but does not enter your bloodstream.



Finally, you can take it via oral drops. Grass & Co sell drops and have standard strength 500mg of CBD per 10ml bottle or a higher strength of 1000mg of CBD per 10ml bottle. You simply shake the bottle well before use and pop the required amount of drops under your tongue and hold for 90 seconds for maximum absorption, then swallow. They suggest you start with a low dose of (5 – 10mg) and slowly increase to find what suits you best but never take more than 70mg per day.

EASE 500mg CBD Hemp Oil | Grass & Co.

As with any type of medication be it therapeutic or otherwise, if it is something you can buy over the counter then you should not try until you have had a chat with your GP especially if you are on other types of medication.

Healthline wrote about side effects saying that though CBD is generally well tolerated and considered safe, it may cause adverse reactions in some people.

Side effects noted in studies include (40Trusted Source):

  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite and weight
  • Fatigue

CBD is also known to interact with several medications. Before you start using CBD oil, discuss it with your doctor to ensure your safety and avoid potentially harmful interactions (41Trusted Source).

This is especially important if you take medications or supplements that come with a “grapefruit warning.” Both grapefruit and CBD interfere with cytochromes P450 (CYPs), a group of enzymes that are important to drug metabolism (42).

One study performed on mice showed that CBD-rich cannabis extracts have the potential to cause liver toxicity. However, some of the mice in the study were force-fed extremely large doses of the extract (43). SUMMARYAlthough CBD is generally considered safe, it can cause adverse reactions like diarrhea and fatigue in some people. It may also interfere with certain medications. Is CBD Legal? Hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are legal on the federal level but are still illegal under some state laws. Marijuana-derived CBD products are illegal on the federal level but are legal under some state laws. Check your state’s laws and those of anywhere you travel. Keep in mind that nonprescription CBD products are not FDA-approved, and maybe inaccurately labeled.

What I would love to know is if any of my readers have tried CBD for pain relief and if so did it help?


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