Get Fibromyalgia relief by eating the right diet. Pain Resource has put together this great infographic for you to help you improve your diet for Fibromyalgia relief.

If you head over to the Pain Resource website you will find a video with lots of information on the right diet for Fibro. It’s a great site and if by making only one change in your diet to help with the pain of Fibromyalgia then it’s worth trying.


They say that some back pain can be caused by our diet. New evidence has shown that food may well play a critical role in determining whether your back is a rebound from day to day life.

A team of researchers in Helsinki, Finland performed autopsies on people who had died of various cancers which were unrelated to back pain and found that they had blocked arteries that lead to the spine.

In fact the average person with a history of back pain were found to have two arteries to the lower back completely blocked, and at least one more that was narrowed but not yet blocked.

People who hadn’t reported suffering any form of back pain had fewer blockages.

They also found that people who suffered from chronic back pain had clogged lumber arteries much more often than people without back pain, and the greater the blockage the worse the degeneration in the disk.

They now think that if back pain is the result of clogged lumber arteries, then preventing these blockages should be a priority.

Diet has to come into this which would mean low fat, zero cholesterol, regular activity, no smoking and keeping stress at bay. (That’s me out of the loop then).

It has also been found that Japenese American women have less risk of back pain than their Caucasian counterparts due to their different food intake.

Scientists think that the traditional Japanese diet is much lower in fat and cholesterol than a typical American diet.

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I can’t believe its Friday AGAIN!!! Where do the weeks go? At least its a bit cooler now, I don’t know about you or any other back pain sufferers but i’ve had a really bad week with the extraordinary temperatures this week.

Normally its when the seasons change and in particular in the cold weather that I have more pain than usual, but this week it has been awful and completely thrown me. I’ve been wanting to go to bed quite soon after I have got up after an awful nights sleep but I’m hoping it was just the heat and nothing further wrong with me.

My hip is playing up a bit but I guess that’s because it has so much work to do with my back being in such a mess. I’ve been trying really really hard with my diet this week as I would love to lose about another stone for my health’s sake.

I go to Weight Watchers with my friends and we have a real giggle !! One of my friends has introduced me to Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Mini Humous which is only 1.5 points and also Sainsbury’s French Toast which is only 1 point for a pack of six !!!! Its delicious and great if you fancy a snack.

Weight watching is such a bore though and it’s something i’ve had to do since childhood as I’m only 5ft so have no room for any excess weight but my biggest problem is that I am a chocoholic and once I start ………………………….. anyway I got rid of it all from the cupboards last week, and apart from one night when my husband popped out for a bar for me when I was desperate, I have managed to live without it for nearly a week !!!! Amazing or what !!!!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could make a chocolate that was tasty but not fattening – someone would make an absolute fortune don’t you think? I’ve spent a couple of hours this afternoon scrolling through the internet of fat free chocolate cakes as I thought I might bake one, but I can see I will just want to eat it all so I’m not going to bother.

Not much on tv tonight but i’ve had a delivery of two Tess Gerritsan books i’ve been waiting for and also a James Patterson so I’ve got plenty to read to keep me quiet.

I joined Twitter a while ago but haven’t really got into it but it seems to be so popular that I thought I might have another go this weekend. Don’t know if it will just be a copy of my blog really ?????????

Well that’s all for now, until whenever ………………..