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This is an amazing infographic from Distant Job on the topic of “Hiring Disabled Workers as Remote Employees” for the purpose of breaking the mold traditional recruitment and emphasizing the importance of participation of disabled people in the workplace.

If you can’t read the infographic you will be surprised by some of the statements which say that Technology innovations have removed the barriers for the disabled participation in the workforce. 81% of workers with disabilities would like to telecommute, at least part-time. 17% need to telecommute because of disability.

Workers with disabilities stay in their jobs longer and have fewer absences. Workers with disabilities telecommute because 37.1% are given permission by their employer, 21% say the office is far from home and 17.1% say because of the accommodation for their disability.

Remote workers find it easier as there are ways to cope with their disability like they can take a walk around without disturbing others if say they are suffering from back pain. People with social anxiety problems by using chat and email. and other chronic conditions like ADHD and IBS are treated much better remotely.

For more information and details on Hiring Disabled Workers as Remote Employees take a look at the Distant Job website.