The FibroMapp is an app developed by Dave who’s wife Alyssa suffered from fibromyalgiaCFS/ME/SEID and also severe neck pain due to mechanical issues and injuries.

Thousands of people are using FibroMapp, which has won the Healthline Best Apps Award 2014 – 2016.  FibroMapp is helping people with not just fibromyalgia and CFS/ME but people with complex chronic pain conditions such as LupusMultiple Sclerosis (MS)Lyme Disease and arthritis.

Patients are loving FibroMapp because they are getting to understand more root issues, their bodies and their patterns, getting their medications and supplements under control (and deciphering what is and isn’t working).

All data entered is collated into easy to read reports that are ultimately giving patients a tool for self-management. Healthcare professionals are also finding that the easy to read collated reports are excellent in helping them treat their patients best. It’s available on Google Play, for £2.39 and the  App Store for £2.99 and Amazon for £1.99.

Fully customisable Medications Tracker enables you to track all your medications in one place, allowing you to control your medications and reduce under and over-medication.
Includes: Alarm Option to remind you when to take your medications.

How I’m Feeling allows you to record what hurts, where, when and what type of pain. Includes:
What was your pain severity
How was your mobility affected
What were you prevented from doing
Did anything help

The Sleep Tracker records sleep and waking times, and creates a chart showing sleep debt and over-sleeping.

Create a PDF report to take to your next Health Professional visit – or simply email it to them.

My Daily Records displays up to one year of pain records, with detailed records and graphs.

Create a PDF report to take to your next Health Professional visit – or simply email it to them.





This great app ‘FibroMapp’ is an award winning comprehensive 8-in-1 chronic pain management app that is helping people gain more understanding and control over their condition. Suitable for people with Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, Lupus, MS, Arthritis, CRPS who are ready to take more control over their illness.

The developers FibroMapp made the app to allow you to record how you’re feeling in fine detail. FibroMapp is completely customisable, so you can personalise it to your requirements. You can generate reports for all your Pain, Sleep and Journal entries, then print them out or email them directly to your Health Professional.

A brilliant way for people in pain to keep a note of how their dealing/coping with chronic pain.

“ME/CFS/FMS I think this is a very comprehensive tool, that can be invaluable to people who have a hard time rating day to day pain & keeping a journal. Thanks to the developers of this app!E. J. Collins on Sep 23, 2013 at 11:40 PM”