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Fibromyalgia Connect is the online social network for people and families living with fibromyalgia.

It has fresh information and real support, fueled by an active, caring community.

They make it easy to start conversations, share treatments, read and post product recommendations, and much more.

They also provide tools for its members to discuss the topics that they are passionate about. While the content is important, it is the sharing of a news story, the discovery of the latest treatments and the conversations between members that sets them apart.

Fibromyalgia Connect is owned and operated by Alliance Health. Their mission is to create social health networks that connect people to support communities for a growing number of health conditions.

There are lots of discussions on just about everything you can think of about Fibromyalgia and more.






As I am sure you will have seen from some of my previous posts, ‘Lidnocain Intravenous Infusion’ for chronic pain seems to be available in some NHS Hospitals but not from all of them.

Recently the BBC revealed that a 66 year old gentleman had his infusions stopped as the Hospital was concerned with meeting targets set for accident and emergency (A&E) departments.

This particular gentleman had been receiving the treatment for 20 years to help him with the pain of Fibromyalgia and other health problems. He is now finding it difficult to cope with the change in his treatment.

I keep hearing about how amazing this treatment can be for chronic pain and have asked around to see if it is available in our area but it has never been offered to me. Now I think I can see ‘why’ it has not been offered to me.