After seeing what they call a ‘Professor of Medicine’ it was decided that I should try another drug to help with my pain ‘Gabapentin’ which is used for treating epilepsy and peripheral neuropathic pain (long lasting pain caused by damage to the nerves).

Some people would not be able to take this amount of tablets a day without severe side effects and I must admit that my first couple of days on Gabapentin were hard. I was in a complete cloud but fortunately I was simply at home and not out socialising.

After a couple of days the fog cleared and the one thing that he said I would benefit from by being on this drug was a better night’s sleep. Well anyone who has Fibromyalgia or chronic pain would appreciate any help available for a good nights sleep.

Well he was sooooooooo right I have had the best sleep in years and I mean years. I still woke up with the pain but instead of then being awake and tossing and turning before I went back to sleep, I seemed to just go straight back into a deep sleep, even though I woke up a few times.

I cannot believe the difference in how I feel first thing in a morning and just hope that it stays this way. I asked the Professor if I could cut down on any of my other painkillers but he quite bluntly said ‘no, definitely not’, hence why I am up to 18 tablets a day.

I would love to be without the dry mouth, hot sweats and constipation but if it keeps me free of pain I will manage the side effects. I would certainly recommend anyone who is offered Gabapentin to at least give it a month to see if it helps you. If it’s not suitable at least you will have a month of good sleeps