I have written before on heat pads for pain as I prefer heat to cold especially for the neck and shoulder.

My sister came to stay with me recently and unfortunately woke up one morning with really bad Neuralgia. She could hardly move her neck and she was sure the pain was coming from a nasty shoulder injury she has.

I immediately popped my neck and shoulder cushion from Pain Relief Cushions in the microwave and kept repeating the heat throughout the day. It wasn’t long before she could feel the benefit from the heat and the neck pain started to ease.

Like myself, I am sure other Fibromyalgia sufferers suffer from intermittent bouts of neck pain ( fibrocitis back in the day) which suddenly arrives for no reason whatsoever.

You can have the cushions filled with or without lavender and they have a five star rating on the Pain Relief Cushions website. The Soothing Shoulder Wheat Cushion is ideally suited to ease pain in the neck, shoulders and higher back areas. Perfectly weighted so that it stays in place, allowing the user to fully relax, whilst absorbing the scent of Lavender. This wheat bag measures Approx. 12.5″ x 8.5″.

They cost £21.99 but they have an offer on at the moment of 10% off the long cushion only via their e-store Current price £18.90 plus UK P&P £3.99 for one cushion 2 £5.99 p&p. This offer will be available until the end of March.



According to the Mail Online Health, there is a simple way to check whether your aches and pains are a simple muscle sprain or something worse.

If you find heat helps you then put a hot water bottle onto the area where the pain is and if the pain eases with the heat, that suggests its muscle tension rather than an injury.


Heat, apparently, helps to relax muscles. Make a note of your pain on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst pain) just before you apply a hot water bottle (or something similar) and then write down your pain after you have had the heat on your injury for a short while.

If the pain has reduced greatly then it could be muscle tension. If the pain hasn’t altered or the pain comes back again very quickly then make an appointment to see your GP.

Some people prefer ice for pain so you can do exactly the same for the above. Always remember that this is just for a simple pain that could be niggling you and not suitable for anything bigger (pain wise).

Source Mail Online Health


As I am sure many of you will have seen from previous posts, I am a real advocate of heat for pain. I have always said that travel is easier if I use a heat pad for a flight or train journey and have been lucky enough to have had heated seats in my car and my husband’s car.

Recently though we changed my car which did not have any heated seats in it so I researched on the best portable ones that plug into your cigarette lighter.

I decided I didn’t want the ones that have a back and cushion that you secure to the seat as I felt they would be a bit of a hassle to move over when my husband was driving. Instead I found one that was just the cushion and looked easy to set up.

As the weather changed I was getting a bit desperate for the cushion and only realised when I went online to my Amazon account that the one I had ordered was coming from China so it would take a bit longer to arrive.

It arrived last week and I just had to write a post on it as it’s the most amazing heat pad I have ever used. It’s light and portable so I can position it at my back and not as a cushion and does not need strapping in so it can be moved from one seat to another with ease. It has two heat temperatures with a remote in the middle of it but it gets so hot that I have only used the lowest temperature. It’s easy to just pull out of the cigarette point when I don’t want to use it and I can honestly say was worth every little penny it cost me.

It is so easy to move around that I would not hesitate to take it with me if I am in another car as I find car journey’s the most painful of all transport. The price is also extremely reasonable at only £12.89 including delivery.

It is advertised as a Comfortable Quick Warming Heated Car Seat Cushion Pad Auto 12V Warmer Pad Hot Cover Automobile Heating Mat for Cold Weather and Winter Driving, from a company called  sweetlife



I know a few things about pain relief and thought I would share a few websites with all sorts of different ways to help you with pain, any pain, not just back pain, acute pain, chronic pain, period pain. Whatever type of pain you are suffering maybe one of these websites might have something that could help you. – all the products on this site are heat related which I much prefer to ice but the best of these is that there is no messing with boiling water or dodgy stoppers as they just go into your microwave for a couple of minutes and they stay hot for ages. They also have back wraps which you also pop into the microwave which are really useful for travel.

wedge-coccyx-lower-back-ache-reduction-pain – I have dealt with putnams over a number of years and could not live without my ripple mattress topper and pressure cushions. I cannot praise them enough, the goods are soon with you and products are well priced. – this site is amazing and has everything you could ever need for back pain, back supports, neck supports,coccyx cushion, lumber rolls and bathing aids. Whatever you might need you will get it from here and if you spend some time browsing the pages of items they have you will be surprised what you will find.



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Heat or ice can be used to help pain but for me personally heat is my first choice.

At this time of year as the temperatures start changing, I find my pain more than usual especially with having Fibromyalgia as well.

Fellow sufferers of Fibromyalgia, also take a while to adjust and can feel our muscles tightening up while even doing simple tasks, like taking a shower. Whereas during the summer season you can have a shower and dry yourself off without feeling any discomfort. Now however, due to the change in temperature when you step our of your warm shower you can soon feel your muscles tightening up.

Heat works by getting your blood vessels to open up as warmth seeps through so while you are in a hot shower you can feel your body relax and your pain go away. The warmth then increases blood flow in the area, improving nutrition and the healing effects from a good blood supply.

To avoid d a drop in temperature when I get our of the shower I do a few simple things which ensure I am soon warmed up again. The obvious one being that my radiator is on full and has no air trapped in it. I then put the shower on for a good couple of minutes before I get into it to help warm the shower cubicle up and the surrounding area. I then drape one towel over the radiator which is the one I put on straight after my shower and another to wrap around my legs.

In winter I always partly dress in the bathroom so that I do not end up feeling the drop in temperature when I leave the bathroom.

If your shower or bathroom does not have a hot enough radiator to warm your towel then take a hot water bottle up with you when you go for your shower and wrap it around the towel.

At this time of year I also have my wheat bags to and to pop into the microwave and I could not manage without my electric heat pad which I pop in y bed for 5 minutes before I go to bed.
I don’t keep it on while I sleep but its right next to me should I wake up with pain.

I find these type of heat pads much better than a heated blanket as I can take it with me wherever I go, be it to stay with friends or in a Hotel or while I’m just watching TV. They are worth every single penny to buy one.

Infra red lamps are also useful for heat treatment but they do not come cheap.

It’s a well known fact that back pain does get worse in cold weather so when you go out in it make sure you are wrapped up warm and if you are having a bad day then maybe use a disposable heat pad to keep your back warm.